Where is Early Decision?

by Steve McDonald

“I have heard great things about Early Decision! How do I apply for it?” -Suzie Q. Applicant

Early Decision (ED) has been great for our program. Applicants who knew UMKC was their first choice program could lock themselves into a program before Halloween (which makes for some fun, relaxing trick-or-treating when you know what your future looks like)!

However, on the national level, Early Decision has been under review. ED was a binding agreement to apply to only one school. The UMKC School of Pharmacy faculty wanted a friendlier approach for our applicants.

Enter in: Early Action (EA). Early Action provides ^eligible applicants all the benefits of ED, without a binding agreement that admitted applicants must attend UMKC.

Early Action Benefits include:

  • First Interview Dates – September 25th or October 9th.
  • Fall 2020 Applicant Interview Dates will be virtual.
  • Early notification – applicants will learn the following Monday after interview regarding their admission status.
  • Relax a bit while completing remaining courses – Once admitted, your admission GPA is locked in. Which means you can complete the remainder of the prerequisite courses with a grade of C- or higher* to keep your admission.
    *Although, success in the Pharm.D. program will come from a mastery of the prereqs, so we strongly suggest loftier goals for prereqs completion.

Early Action is automatic for all ^eligible applicants who complete PharmCAS and the UMKC Supplemental Applications by September 15th.
^Interview invitations are not promised and are determined after college grades and other factors are reviewed.

If you’re worried about the PCAT, please don’t be. You may interview this year without PCAT scores. If admitted, we’ll ask you to take the exam by March.

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Links to the applications can be found here.