The 15-Minute Mentor

Do you have 15 minutes? Could you find 15 minutes a month to reach out to a student if you knew it meant the difference between them staying or leaving UMKC?

UMKC is committed to a Culture of Care and we need your help! In just 15 minutes you can make a difference.  We are looking for faculty who are committed to the success of our students.   As we assess our retention efforts we have identified a few small pockets of students we feel would benefit from having someone in their corner who can reach out to check-in and help them connect with additional support services as needed.

In the next two weeks, we will be reaching out to a select group of students to welcome them back and ask if they would be interested in having a faculty mentor.  We anticipate asking mentors to reach out to students once or twice a month to simply check-in and ask how things are going.  Mentors will be provided with additional information on key campus recourses and will have a point person they can contact with any questions or concerns that may arise.  If you have 15 minutes to make a difference for a UMKC student, please contact Dr. Tammy Welchert, Director for Academic Advising at

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