Three Things that Help

The Faculty Affairs Newsletter is sharing faculty members’ unique take on the question “what are three things that help?” The question is purposefully vague so that we have a range of perspectives.

Tammy Welchert

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  • Associate Teaching Professor, Director of Student Affairs & Academic Advising
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Just as important as taking care of our students is taking care of our selves and our teams! The SBC Advisors set up a Group Me in anticipation of working at home. I have been sending cards through the mail and sharing pictures and updates of me walking with Mr. Diggity, funny memes, and Bitmoji’s. Sharing helps us stay in touch to support and encourage one another.

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“Sharing helps us stay in touch to support and encourage one another.”

Pictured above: Mr. Diggity


I know, I know, what am I doing on TikTok at 50 years old. It’s my 15-minute laugh break every day — okay sometimes a couple of times a day. It’s good to see families coming together to make videos, to share stories of triumph, to hear funny antidotes, and to try some cool new science stuff. Did you know you can make slippers from balloons? I have laughed so hard I cried at some of these!

“It satisfies my soul and lets me recenter to keep going.”

Pictured above: My daughter Kristina when she and I hiked Half Dome in 2014.

There is no friend like an old book

I have always enjoyed reading but right now this is a perfect way to escape for an hour or two. Some of my favorite books are biographies of people who have hiked the Pacific Crest Trail and the Appalachian Trail. I picture myself out there, making it on my own out in the wild. It satisfies my soul and lets me recenter to keep going.

Thank you to Tammy Welchert for sharing her three things. This is set up with a readers write format. Want to share your three things? Fill out the entry form and they will be included in the next issue. Even if there are many responses – we will figure it out.

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TikTok videos – an example


What will Martha Stewart find to be dusty where you hang out? #science #fortyou #foryoupage

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