Welcome to the website for the UMKC Senegal Study Abroad Program! Make your plans now to join the UMKC Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and Black Studies Programs, the Departments of History and Foreign Languages & Literature, the School of Nursing and Health Studies, the UMKC Women’s Center, and the UMKC Honors College, on an exciting program to Senegal, West Africa! Topics to be studied include women’s economic empowerment, health education initiatives, philanthropy, and social entrepreneurship. No language requirement.

Due to travel restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the dates of the next trip are unknown; check back here for updates.

Why Senegal?

“Senegal is one of the best arguments for travel I can think of. The more we see of the world, the more we actually meet who we are talking about—take a walk, however briefly, in their shoes, the more we see how other people live, find ourselves—as so often and so inevitably happens—as recipients of random acts of hospitality and kindness from total strangers—then the better we shall be. And the happier we will be. Knowledge of, or exposure to, the “other” is not a contaminant—it enriches us. It makes—or should make us—more humble. Senegal. It’s someplace that everyone, given the chance, should go.” – Anthony Bourdain

For more information on the program, contact Dr. Brenda Bethman at bethmanb@umkc.edu or Dr. Amanda Grimes at grimesa@umkc.edu.

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