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Spotlight Q&A with William Gutheil, Ph.D.

What are you currently working on? My current research is on bacterial cell-wall biosynthesis, which is the target of many of our most effective antibacterial agents – such as penicillin. My background was in the areas of enzymology and bio-organic chemistry. I started my research career by looking for an area of high biomedical significance … Continue reading Spotlight Q&A with William Gutheil, Ph.D.

New Frontiers in Vision Research

Peter Koulen, Ph.D., director of basic research at the University of Missouri-Kansas City’s Vision Research Center, likens the gradual progression of eye disease to wearing a pair of old shoes. You don’t realize just how bad they have become until you put on a new pair. Just as shoes wear out over time, many of … Continue reading New Frontiers in Vision Research

Fewer needles, no tubes

Amy Johnson, who has type 1 diabetes, has already benefitted from research. But if an invention from the UMKC School of Pharmacy can make the leap from lab to real life, Johnson will benefit even more. The 2014 UMKC graduate is currently tethered to the latest-greatest insulin-delivery system: a pager-sized pump connected through a tube … Continue reading Fewer needles, no tubes

Connecting the dots

Physicians spend a significant portion of their day entering notes about their patients into computers, and the demands of digital recordkeeping can become a burden. But in addition to providing instant access to a patient’s complete medical history, electronic health records create a wealth of information for researchers. Mark Hoffman and his team work to … Continue reading Connecting the dots