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Uncovering the paper trail

UMKC researchers are using 21st century scientific methods to follow a paper trail across medieval Europe. The interdisciplinary project by principal investigators Virginia Blanton, Ph.D., professor of English and department co-chair; Reza Derakhshani, Ph.D., associate professor of computer science and electrical engineering; Nathan Oyler, Ph.D., associate professor of chemistry; and Jeff Rydberg-Cox, director of classics … Continue reading Uncovering the paper trail

Spotlight: Mark Brodwin

Meet astronomer Mark Brodwin, assistant professor of physics and astronomy. When he’s not researching and discovering unique galaxy clusters, he’s working as a NASA-nominated member of the Euclid Consortium mission, which is intended to launch in 2020. What is your research interest? My research involves the discovery and study of rare, distant galaxy clusters, which … Continue reading Spotlight: Mark Brodwin