Five Feminist Blogs You Should Be Following

By Thea Voutiritsas

Educating, entertaining, and empowering—these blogs focus on issues, news and gossip for girls and women across the board. From the blossoming feminist to bloggers themselves, blogs are a great way for women (and men) writers to share their unique ideas and perspectives. Here are five fresh blogs to help you get the reading ball rolling:

  • Everyday Feminism – The authors at Everyday Feminsim keep it truly intersectional. They tackle the everyday aggressions that people face due to gender, sexual orientation, race, class, size and other social differences.16821448686_435c60f8a4_o
  • Bitch MediaBitch Media is a fresh, feminist response to popular culture. If you’re over the media’s traditionally narrow view of what women and girls are and can be, Bitch Magazine might be the analytical, yet witty blog you need in your life.
  • Feminist Current – Canada’s leading feminist website provides a unique perspective on current events that are often under or misrepresented by other mass media sources. The site also has a number of podcasts available for those long commutes to and from the office.
  • Feministing Feministing has diverse writers that cover a broad range of intersectional feminist issues. They’re also a great intro to the feminist movement for young people, allowing emerging thinkers to be heard on an open-platform community.
  • Feminist FrequencyFeminist Frequency is a video webseries that provide a feminist take on pop culture’s representation of women. If you’re in the mood to deconstruct stereotypes both on the big screen and in the gaming world, they’ve got you covered.