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Keeping organized with Evernote

As web developers and content managers, we are constantly facing an evolution of website technology. Evernote is a powerfully simple tool to help us keep our research and learnings organized for fast recall.


  • Access your notes from desktop, tablet, or mobile
  • Platform agnostic (Windows, OSX, iOS, Android)
  • File-format agnostic (text, photos, microsoft office, PDF, etc.)
  • Collaboration with others (shared notebooks and notes)
  • Organization through categories, tags, and searching
  • Online publishing and presentations
  • Integration with other Apps (i.e. JotNotPro)
  • Basic account is free and offers the essential functionality

Add-on Tools:

  • SKITCH– screen grabbing tool and annotation
  • PENULTIMATE– hand-writing app
  • WEB CLIPPER– webpage content saving (text, links, images)
  • HELLO– Relations management tool
  • FOOD– Recipe, restaurant, and experience tool
  • CLEARLY– website content reading tool
  • PEAK– Study tool

Web Coder Application:

  • Collective knowledge on website development learnings
  • Paste in code, screenshots, links, etc

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