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Boilerplates for Web and Email

The start-up time for new website and email projects is often cumbersome. Boilerplates and frameworks are a great way to speed up setup time and get you focused on the real project at hand.

The power behind boilerplates is that they are a conglomeration of collective knowledge and continually in development,  responding to new web-standards and technology.

HTML5 Boilerplate
Email Boilerplate


Evernote Logo

Keeping organized with Evernote

As web developers and content managers, we are constantly facing an evolution of website technology. Evernote is a powerfully simple tool to help us keep our research and learnings organized for fast recall.


  • Access your notes from desktop, tablet, or mobile
  • Platform agnostic (Windows, OSX, iOS, Android)
  • File-format agnostic (text, photos, microsoft office, PDF, etc.)
  • Collaboration with others (shared notebooks and notes)
  • Organization through categories, tags, and searching
  • Online publishing and presentations
  • Integration with other Apps (i.e. JotNotPro)
  • Basic account is free and offers the essential functionality

Add-on Tools:

  • SKITCH– screen grabbing tool and annotation
  • PENULTIMATE– hand-writing app
  • WEB CLIPPER– webpage content saving (text, links, images)
  • HELLO– Relations management tool
  • FOOD– Recipe, restaurant, and experience tool
  • CLEARLY– website content reading tool
  • PEAK– Study tool

Web Coder Application:

  • Collective knowledge on website development learnings
  • Paste in code, screenshots, links, etc

Web Coders Sandbox: CodePen

As the web development community grows here on UMKC’s campus, we thought a good way to interact, collaborate, inspire, and entertain would be to meetup in a front-end “playground” (A.K.A. Sandbox). We would like to introduce you to CodePen.

Screebshot of CodePen Home Page
Two features that are really handy that we will definitely be taking advantage of as a group:

  1. Tags– these allow you to place labels on your work and also search for others. So, if you are looking for inspiration on a new design or javascript interaction for a form field, simply search the tag “form” or “input”
  2. Forks– forking allows you to take someone else’s pen and start modifying it without messing up their own work. This is great for collaborative projects and innovation

We’d love to see your first pen after you sign in to CodePen. Please share your first by leaving a comment on this page.

May 2011 Meeting

May 4, 2011
Administrative Center, Plaza Room


  1. Welcome
  2. Recap of last meeting
  3. Announcements – Open to the group
    • access off campus  – Central Systems
    • Rotating photos tool – Alia Herrman
    • WordPress updates – Vishal Kurup
  4. Trumba calendar options – Srilatha Kancharla
  5. Presentation – Jquery – Vishal Kurup
  6. Resources/Cool tools
  7. Questions, Comments, Suggestions?

A snapshot of the Web

A large-scale scan of the top million web sites (per Alexa traffic data) was performed in early 2010 using the Nmap Security Scanner and its scripting engine. Afterward, a visualization of all of the websites and their hierarchy was created using each site’s favicon and sizing it based on the reach of all sites using that icon.

As expected, Google is the largest piece of the pie, but a million sites are represented in the collage, including our own. Type any URL in the search box and find it in the collage.

Here’s where UMKC fits in the Web:

Breakout session: Promoting on the Web

Promotions is finding simple and effective ways to tell the stories about your unit or department that will motivate users to want to learn more, enroll, send their kid or give money to UMKC.

Simple rules…

  • Condense stories, write for the Web.
  • Use student, alumni, faculty, and staff profiles to tell stories.
  • Relate to the audience, the overall UMKC experience.

Please review the UMKC Web Policy site for requirements and recommendations, following these will go a long way in improving the promotional value of your site.


Sandy Beaty from PR was in attendance and shared information about the UMKC profiles (the rotating photos on the homepage). These change once a week and are geared to give the reader enough information to spark interest in the stories. Then they are clickable so you can read the whole story. The stories are archived and searchable on

Dana Self from the Conservatory explained their use of twitter, facebook, and a niche social networking tool, called Instant Encore. Their new Web site launches on April 30. The site also contains recruitment videos created by scenic road productions.

Bryce Puntenney from Pharmacy highlighted a new section of their site, a student life focused area. According to the tracking, the majority of their Web users are students, so a need for this focus arose. As for social networking, Pharmacy uses LinkedIn as it is a more professional type networking tool, which seems to fit their audience well. The School also has a strong alumni  network who will be likely to use the tool.

Ross Freese from the Central Ticket Office explained that Facebook is a top referring site to the CTO. He is very interested in Google Analytics to find out how people are finding their site.

As a reminder to the group, John Verssue mentioned that content is 85% of your Web site. People scan the content on your Web site, they do not read it word-for-word. Ensure that your content, even that it be for printed materials, is Web-ready so you only have to write it once.

April 2010 meeting


  1. Welcome
  2. Recap of last meeting
  3. Real Media Server & Flash Media Server – Vishal Kurup
  4. Project Management using  SharePoint – Ali Haider
  5. Resources
  6. Information Exchange – content management systems and using your Web site as a promotional tool
  7. Questions, Comments, Suggestions?


  1. Contact Kartik Ponnala or Vishal Kurup if you need any files retrieved from the real media server, which was such down on March 1.
  2. Read What to wear for a portrait before scheduling a sitting (approx. 15 minutes) with Anastasia Spartan at 235-1594.
  3. Check out the UMKC Flickr account, send Anastasia your photo files and we will upload them. To download a pic from flickr, browse images, click the photo you want then click on the “all sizes” link and select the size you prefer and then click “download”.

Meeting Notes

1. Per Vishal, the Real Media Server was shut down on March 1

A new Flash Media Server is up and running.  Here are the pros: Continue reading April 2010 meeting

Checking for Broken Links

Broken links are one of the most frustrating things for a visitor to your site, but can also one of the most tedious things to maintain. Luckily, there are some helpful tools available that can do the checking for you.

I’ve tried a number of these, but unless you are checking a very specific section of the site, they can be cumbersome and take a lot of time. Here are some online tools that I’ve found work to work well: