April 2010 meeting


  1. Welcome
  2. Recap of last meeting
  3. Real Media Server & Flash Media Server – Vishal Kurup
  4. Project Management using  SharePoint – Ali Haider
  5. Resources
  6. Information Exchange – content management systems and using your Web site as a promotional tool
  7. Questions, Comments, Suggestions?


  1. Contact Kartik Ponnala or Vishal Kurup if you need any files retrieved from the real media server, which was such down on March 1.
  2. Read What to wear for a portrait before scheduling a sitting (approx. 15 minutes) with Anastasia Spartan at 235-1594.
  3. Check out the UMKC Flickr account, send Anastasia your photo files and we will upload them. To download a pic from flickr, browse images, click the photo you want then click on the “all sizes” link and select the size you prefer and then click “download”.

Meeting Notes

1. Per Vishal, the Real Media Server was shut down on March 1

A new Flash Media Server is up and running.  Here are the pros:

  • Can run both high & low resolution (without affecting video quality), capable of full-screen viewing.
  • Audio quality is always high.
  • View videos in Blackboard vs. having to click a link and leave the site.
  • Files are hosted on the flash media server so you do not have to worry about file size.

Request server access by:

  • Sending in this form, http://www.umkc.edu/ia/forms/fims-copyright.pdf, along with your original files to Information Access (IA).
  • Please specify resolution needed (high, low, or both), and how long you plan to make the media available.
  • IA will send you the code for you to copy and paste into your Web page, and IA requests that you provide the Flash Server download link for users.
  • IA will be looking into creating customized UMKC media players.

2. Project management using SharePoint online

Use: Web-based meeting/project management tool that can be used by multiple team members.


  • Users can have the same access and work as a team, or you can add hierarchy by assigning different access.
  • Tasks can be assigned.
  • Dashboard can be sorted by Projects title, assigned to, status, priority, due date, and % Complete.
  • Can set up an email reminder for tasks,
  • Export calendar or view the project calendar through outlook.

3. Resources/Cool Tools


-Portraits of faculty/staff: Graphic designers will shoot portraits in our studio two hours a week.  These portraits are suitable for the Web and printed publications. There is no fee for this service.

-Stock Images: University Communications recommends using photos of UMKC students in recruiting materials,  but sometimes a stock image is the preferred option to hiring a photographer and staging a photo. An inexpensive vendor is: http://www.istockphoto.com.

-UMKC Shots for Web and Publications: Check out the UMKC Flickr account. We recently uploaded 130 full-size images.

  • Action: If you have suggestions for other shots to add to the Flickr account, email us.
  • Action: If you want to photos uploaded to the account, email them to Anastasia Spartan.
  • Action: To download: browse images, and click the photo you want. Click on “all sizes” link (upper left), and select the size you need from the list and click “download”.

Breakout Sessions

Content Management Systems

Promoting on the Web

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