Monthly Archives: February 2010

Jquery on the server

In an attempt to cut down on redundancy on our servers, I’ve installed jquery on the main server in the umkc-standards folder, the same folder where the standard CSS and header/footer files are located. I’ve posted an example page in the folder so that you can see the tool in action.

If you want to use jquery on your site, you can pull the javascript from this location.

Feel free to create your own CSS with the Jquery themeroller, but if you are wanting to use standard colors, I have created a umkc theme as well.

February Meeting

1. Welcome
2. Recap of last meeting
3. Introduction to JavaScript 101– Vishal Kurup
4. Resources
5. Questions, Comments, Suggestions?


1. Action: Let us know what you think about the new virtual tour. All general observations are welcome and we are still fact checking, so if something is incorrect, please alert Vishal.

2. Action: Please notify others who might want to attend the Web Editing Basics training March 11 and March 25 at 10:30‐11:30 a.m. in the Admin Center and email Beth if you would like to attend a session.

Meeting Notes

News and Updates

1. Ron Ramphal showed us how he implemented Google Translate on a Welcome Center page. *Caution* Do not use Google Translate on pages with legal or policy content. Continue reading February Meeting