Handy WordPress Plugins

When developing sites for the university, there are a few WordPress plugins that we have found to be especially useful.

The Events Calendar
A smooth calendar interface to track upcoming events. Plug in all your events at once, and choose how many upcoming events you want to display. Events drop off the list as the date of their occurrence passes.

Simple 301 Redirects
Need to set up redirects to new pages on your site? This helpful tool makes it as easy as plugging in the website addresses for the old page and the new one – tada!

Many folks are probably familiar with the accordions we’ve been using for years on our sites. This plugin makes using accordions simple, as well as easy to style.

Need a table for your site? This one took me only 30 minutes to set up and style in one of my sites. Definitely an easy tool to use for any table.

Ninja Forms
I wish building all forms was this easy. Ninja Forms provides different types of fields, and you merely have to drag and drop them to make your form. Add it to the page, and it will use whatever styling you already have in place.
Feel free to add additional plugins in the comments below if you have suggestions!

Web Coders – June 11, 2014

Gillham Park room – Administrative Center

  1. Updates
  2. Ads on Youtube (and how to avoid them) – Mary Lackamp
  3. Expanding WP beyond a blog
    • Transitioning from blogs to websites – Kristen
    • Moving static websites to WordPress – Brian
    • Using plugins to support functionality – Alia
      Faculty/Staff tool evernote

Boilerplates for Web and Email

The start-up time for new website and email projects is often cumbersome. Boilerplates and frameworks are a great way to speed up setup time and get you focused on the real project at hand.

The power behind boilerplates is that they are a conglomeration of collective knowledge and continually in development,  responding to new web-standards and technology.

HTML5 Boilerplate
Email Boilerplate


Evernote Logo

Keeping organized with Evernote

As web developers and content managers, we are constantly facing an evolution of website technology. Evernote is a powerfully simple tool to help us keep our research and learnings organized for fast recall.


  • Access your notes from desktop, tablet, or mobile
  • Platform agnostic (Windows, OSX, iOS, Android)
  • File-format agnostic (text, photos, microsoft office, PDF, etc.)
  • Collaboration with others (shared notebooks and notes)
  • Organization through categories, tags, and searching
  • Online publishing and presentations
  • Integration with other Apps (i.e. JotNotPro)
  • Basic account is free and offers the essential functionality

Add-on Tools:

  • SKITCH– screen grabbing tool and annotation
  • PENULTIMATE– hand-writing app
  • WEB CLIPPER– webpage content saving (text, links, images)
  • HELLO– Relations management tool
  • FOOD– Recipe, restaurant, and experience tool
  • CLEARLY– website content reading tool
  • PEAK– Study tool

Web Coder Application:

  • Collective knowledge on website development learnings
  • Paste in code, screenshots, links, etc

UMKC Header and Footer Updates

UPDATE: We will not be launching this change in January. Due to unforeseen delays, we will make the change at a future date.

We have made changes to the UMKC header and footer to streamline the code and eliminate conflicts with popular frameworks like Bootstrap.

View the example page with new header and footer

Because these changes are more significant than updates we’ve made in the past, we have created a new process for rolling out the change. The header and footer will be updated on the main website, www.umkc.edu first and then rolled out to the other servers.

Update Timeline

November 22
A duplicate of umkc-standard.css has been created and named umkc-styles.css. The two files are identical except for file name.

November 25 – January 30
Every page on www.umkc.edu that references http://www.umkc.edu/umkc-standards/umkc-standard.css and uses includes for the header and footer needs be updated to import http://www.umkc.edu/umkc-standards/umkc-styles.css instead.

We will replace these files with updated code for the header/footer:

IMPORTANT: If your site is on www.umkc.edu and still referencing http://www.umkc.edu/umkc-standards/umkc-standard.css when the header and footer are replaced, your site will break.

If your website is on www.umkc.edu and you are not using the standard includes, or if you want to make the updates yourself, you will need to download the new versions of the header/footer and implement them on your site on this date.