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New at UMKC Gallery of Art: ‘Matter Matters’


The UMKC Gallery of Art presents Matter Matters, a powerful new exhibition exploring materiality in the work of four artists. The exhibition runs Jan. 31 through March 9; and the opening reception is from 5 to 7 p.m., Thursday, Jan. 31.

Karolina Gnatowski, Dan Gunn, Alex Lockwood and Noël Morical used many variations of everyday materials from bottle caps to plywood to express rather than consume by shifting material conditions from utility to aesthetics and symbolic meaning. Materialism is a defining attribute of humanness. These four artists explored human connections to materials by using consumables to invent new forms celebrating and re-interpreting materiality in our daily lives.

Each of these artists is united by their individual explorations that stem from a fascination and an experimentation with familiar materials. Each artist chooses their commodities differently, whether its personal objects, recycled material or military grade “fibers, seeking to achieve various effects. These effects manifest in the mimicry of other materials (Gunn), they create meaning (Gnatowski), build narratives (Lockwood) or manipulate scale (Morical), thus transcending the accepted role of materiality in contemporary life.

The exhibition is in the UMKC Gallery of Art, Room 203, Fine Arts Building, 5015 Holmes St. Free parking is available on levels five and six of the Cherry Street Parking Garage.

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