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Social Security Administration (SSA) is currently recruiting qualified individuals for the following position in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. The vacancy announcement will be posted to next week and we will share with you a link once posted. We sincerely appreciate your assistance in identifying and referring qualified candidates to help fill our career positions!

We are excited about a new tool created by OPM called USA Hiresm that we will utilize during our upcoming solicitation process. Reactions from applicants who have used USA HireSM have been overwhelmingly favorable, with 97% of applicants reporting the process is user-friendly and over 90% reporting satisfaction with the assessment process. Our hope is this new user friendly experience will allow us to reach more applicants than ever before.


  • Legal Administrative Specialist (Benefit Authorizer)
  • Hiring Salary Range: GS-5 to GS-7, $32,995 to $53,137 per year
  • Promotion Potential: GS-9, $49,994 to $64,995 per year
  • Vacancy Open Period: To be announced
  • How to Apply: Vacancy will be posted to gov. We will share with you a link once the vacancy is posted.

Benefit Authorizers prepare, verify, and maintain benefit records. They use substantive analysis to make benefit determinations and problem solving techniques to apply Social Security policies and regulations. Click here to Watch what Benefits Authorizers do!

We have a proud history of outstanding public service and look forward to recruiting qualified candidates who can contribute to our on-going success.

If you have any questions, please contact myself or Anna Spratt at 816-936-5568.

David Stepp  Social Security Administration National Records Center  |  Director  |  p 888.281.2999  ext 12460

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