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Impact builds the grassroots action and power it takes to make an impact on important issues. From making sure life-saving antibiotics aren’t used to fatten up chickens and pigs on factory farms, to calling on the Trump administration to uphold America’s commitment to the new renewable energy economy the world needs, we need organizers now more than ever.

Climate change is an issue we cannot afford to wait any longer to solve. We need America to continue to be a leader on reducing emissions linked to climate change. President Trump has indicated that he plans to get rid of protections that reduce carbon emissions from power plants and has said he will not follow through on the Paris Climate Agreement.

We are looking to hire our next class of organizers who will be on the ground in 25 states and on college campuses to mobilize businesses, faith leaders and citizens to demonstrate the commitment to keeping our promises on climate change, and transitioning to a sustainable, renewable energy economy.

We need people with the determination, training and skills to win over Americans who aren’t with us yet, and who can galvanize those who are with us, but aren’t yet involved.

Recent graduates who are searching for full-time work and are passionate about protecting our environment are encouraged to apply! Learn more about available full-time positions on our website .

Peggy Mansperger
Impact Recruitment Director

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