Job Opportunity

Please share our staffing needs with any men in particular you think may be interested in helping us either in our full-year program, summer help, or even a May through December or August through December stint. All are paid positions.

For females we are doing very well, full now for May and almost full for August. For men, we still need 2-3 males for our May 18th or 25th start dates. We need about 8 men for our August start date.

Apply online to join our team on this exciting adventure of helping restore families! Here’s how to apply: The link to apply is: Click on this link. Scroll to the bottom part of the page and click on the red box on the left which says Become a Mentor. On Parent Portal. Go to the right side and create an account. Submit.
Click the words Discipleship Application.
On application page. Go through each page and fill out the information and then at the bottom of the page click save and continue.
On the last page type your initials and then click submit.

Questions? Contact Greg Stone at or call, 816-812-2464.

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