Employment Opportunities at Shelterwood

This is Greg Stone, the Staff Coordinator for Shelterwood. Shelterwood is a Christian therapeutic boarding school located in Independence, Missouri (just east of Kansas City) (www.shelterwood.org). We house 50-60 on average teenage boys and girls from across the country who are struggling with family, life, and themselves. Our school, team of licensed counselors, and leadership work with college graduate men and women who give a year of their lives to live and work with the teens. We focus not only on counseling the child, but also the parents. Our focus is on restoring families.

Our mentors, most college graduates at least 21 years of age receive $1,000 a month stipend plus free room and board and insurance benefits during their year in Shelterwood. Our staff come from across the country. Some of the most common degrees of our staff include: Psychology, Social Work, Sociology, Criminal Justice, and Youth Ministry

We have openings for male staff both at the end of December and then May and August of 2015. Our next openings for female staff are May and August of 2015. Interested applicants can apply online at: http://shelterwood.org/housing-staff. Click on this link. Scroll to the bottom part of the page and click on the red box on the left which says Become a Mentor.

If you know of any students who might be interested in our type of ministry, especially male students graduating in December, please pass this along. Thanks!

Here is a video which explains what we are about: http://files.tubesnack.com/iframe/embed.html?hash=thcsb35p&wmode=window&bgcolor=FFFFFF&t=1388434506″

I can be reached at this email address (gstone@shelterwood.org) or at 816-812-2464. Thanks for your time, Dr. Smith.

Greg Stone, M.A.
Staff Coordinator

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