Working on a Writing Project This Summer? Check out these Graduate Writing Initiative Resources

For many graduate students, summertime means knocking out those projects that couldn’t take priority during the regular semester – or that just didn’t get finished. If you’re writing this summer, then we’ve got resources to support your work.

Need accountability from other writers? Graduate writing groups are meeting during the summer semester. Writing groups are groups of 3-6 students who meet weekly to write together or do peer review. These groups build in an accountability check-in every week and also connect you to other students. The deadline for these groups has been extended, so if you’re interested watch the informational video here and contact Kara Kynion (Bollinger) at with any questions.

Need a full day to really settle into your work? We’re hosting a day-long Write-In on Thursday, June 22 at Miller Nichols Library. Write-Ins are a wonderful opportunity to disengage from other responsibilities and just write. Even better, the Graduate Writing Initiative will provide snacks, coffee and lunch! Watch your email or Blackboard for registration.

Tired of always working at the same coffee shop—or worse, at your kitchen table? The Graduate Workstations are available in the Atterbury Writing Studio and are only available for use by graduate students. These workstations offer dual monitors and a good work environment. You can reserve these stations for up to 4 hours through the “Make an Appointment” button on the Writing Studio website.

Need help knowing what to change for the next draft of your project? The Writing Studio opens on June 5 for one-on-one appointments, either in person or online.  To make an appointment, click “Make an Appointment” on the Writing Studio website or call the Writing Studio.

Missed a workshop last year that you wanted to attend? Then catch up online—all of our workshops are recorded and available in the Writing Workshop Content folder in the Writing Resources for Graduate Students Blackboard site. While you’re there, check out our other resources.

Finally, we want to continue growing student involvement in the GWI. We’re looking for students to serve on the committee that guides our work for the next academic year, and the Writing Studio is looking for graduate writing consultants. Please contact Kara Kynion (Bollinger) at to inquire about either of these opportunities.

And don’t forget to start thinking about the fall. We’ll organize writing groups, host Write-Ins, work one-on-one with writers, and resume our workshop series.

We look forward to writing with you!

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