About the SGS Spotlight

School of Graduate Studies Mission Statement:  The School of Graduate Studies (SGS) provides a support network that promotes excellence in graduate education, and supports current and prospective graduate students in achieving their full potential. We do this by

  • Advocating for graduate education;
  • Recruiting and retaining students;
  • Assuring quality control in graduate programs;
  • Managing and distributing financial support;
  • Providing support services for graduate students; and
  • Partnering with others to promote graduate education.

This website provides links to various resources that we hope will make your journey toward your goal of a graduate degree at UMKC more productive and rewarding.  The website is organized in “pages” which may be viewed by clicking on the TABS across the top of your screen under the SGS Spotlight heading.  The text on each page provides highlights of information with which you should be familiar in order to succeed in your quest — the links on each page will direct you to more complete information.

The “Home” page (and the archives of past “posts” to that page) publishes information that graduate students might be interested in such as current events, impending deadlines to be aware of, “good news” about UMKC graduate students and/or graduate programs, etc.

The “Blog Roll” located on the lower right side of the screen provides links to information resources — both within UMKC and externally — that graduate students might find of interest.

If you have questions, you can post a comment or contact the School of Graduate Studies office at 816-235-1161.


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