Academic Resources

UMKC provides a wide variety of resources to help students successfully reach their academic goals.  Below you will find a short description of these programs and links to their websites for more details. For academic policies and specific requirements for your degree program, please see the UMKC Catalog.

Academic Support and Mentoring

Academic Support and Mentoring (ASM) provides UMKC students with several programs designed to improve their academic performance and transition to the University, including Supplemental Instruction, Tutoring Services, Summer Bridge, Roo Up Seminars, and the Writing Studio.  In addition, ASM administers UMKC’s federal grant program, Jumpstart (Americorps), which matches college students with area pre-school children to help them build a strong learning foundation for future success.

Academic Advising

Academic advisors assist students in developing their academic goals, help navigate degree requirements, and explore career options related to their chosen majors.  Many degree programs require students to meet with an academic advisor prior to enrollment each semester; additionally, some programs utilize professional staff advisors as well as faculty advisors.

Academic Policies and Catalogs

The Provost’s Office maintains the Academic Policy Library and Academic Catalogs for undergraduate programs and graduate & professional programs.  Students are expected to become familiar and to comply with all academic policies and program requirements.

Search the Academic Policy Library.

Search the UMKC Catalog.

Career Services

The mission of UMKC’s Career Services is to empower students to successfully develop, evaluate, and initiate career planning and professional development within a constantly changing work environment. Students utilize Handshake to request a career counseling appointment, begin searching for jobs and internships, and to learn about upcoming career events.

Disability Services

UMKC is committed to being a disability-aware campus in which faculty, staff and students understand the unique challenges, myths and stereotypes faced by people with disabilities; recognize the unique contributions that people with disabilities make to society; and accept and engage people with disabilities in the daily flow of life.  Most importantly, Services for Students with Disabilities assists students in achieving their academic goals at UMKC.

UM policy related to students with disabilities

Graduation Requirements

In general, undergraduate students may graduate after completing at least 120 credit hours and by maintaining a 2.0 cumulative GPARead More

Other requirements include completion of the last 30 hours at UMKC (commonly referred to as “residency requirement”), completion of major field exam, RooWriter writing assessment, and the undergraduate exit exam.  Departments and Schools may have additional or more stringent requirements.  Students should meet with an advisor throughout their academic career to ensure they are on track to graduate.

If you fail to take your required exams before the end of the semester in which you plan to graduate, you will need to reapply for graduation. The University of Missouri Board of Curators, other state entities, and the national college accrediting agency require the University to assess the effectiveness of academic programs. All undergraduate students must take a test of general education and complete a major field test prior to being granted a baccalaureate degree. Graduation depends on completion of exit exam requirements.

Transcripts and diplomas may not be released if there are holds on a student’s account.

Language Resource Center

The Language Resource Center (LRC) is available for students to use to study and is the location to complete the web-based and interactive audio-visual requirements for their foreign language courses.  The LRC also offers tutoring services for students enrolled in French, German, and Spanish classes at UMKC.

Peer Academic Leadership (PAL)

The PAL Program connects incoming students with a dedicated Peer Academic Leader (PAL) as they begin their studies at UMKC. We strive to empower each Scholar towards personal, academic and financial prosperity via connecting Scholars to resources and aiding them in identifying partners in their educational journey.

Tutoring Services

UMKC Tutoring is dedicated to guiding each student through difficult material from understanding big concepts to developing learning strategies and tools so that the student is able to retain information and solve problems on their own.

UMKC Tutoring is staffed by trained, part-time student tutors who offer free assistance to all UMKC students. Students may work individually or in small groups with tutors. Students are also able to borrow resources from UMKC Tutoring such as whiteboards, scrap paper, and index cards. Students can also request to check-out laptops, scientific calculators, or molecular molecule kits to use in the tutoring space.

Study Abroad

UMKC’s International Academic Programs Office (IAP) serves as a resource for students who are interested in adding international experiences to their education. IAP helps to connect students, faculty and staff to organizations and resources that enhance international education through study abroad and prestigious fellowships.

Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) was developed by UMKC’s Academic Support and Mentoring and has been implemented in colleges and universities around the worldRead More

SI is a peer-assisted study model that improves student learning in courses that are historically difficult–in fact, students who regularly attend SI sessions earn a half- to a full-letter grade higher than students who do not regularly attend the sessions.

SI Leaders are students who have successfully taken the course and have been trained in cognitive learning techniques.  SI sessions are not review sessions, but rather opportunities for students to assist each other in mastering cognitive learning techniques.

Testing Services

UMKC Testing Services offers standardized proctored testing services for admissions, licensure, and distance education exams.  The Center administers all Prometric exams, all institutional assessment exams, and credit by exam programs.

Undergraduate Research

Developing and conducting a research project in partnership with a faculty mentor is a highlight of an undergraduate education, not to mention a high-impact experience that puts you in charge of your learning.  UMKC’s SEARCH (Students Engaged in Artistic and Academic Research) helps connect students who are interested in research with a faculty mentor to help develop and complete a substantive research project.

University Libraries

University Libraries are dedicated to providing students, faculty, and staff academic resources and services, which are available at the Miller Nichols Library, Music/Media Library, LaBudde Special Collections, Marr Sound Archives, Health Sciences Library, Dental Library, and the Leon E. Bloch Law Library.  UMKC also participates in interlibrary loan consortia, making materials from around the country available to our university community.  Text a librarian your questions, or stop by the libraries to utilize the lounges and study spaces.  LibGuides are available on-line on a wide variety of topics to help you get started on your research.

Writing Studio

The Writing Studio offers peer tutoring services to help students polish their writing skills in all academic areas.  Students are encouraged to call for an appointment at any stage during the writing process for one-on-one assistance.  The Writing Studio also produces writing resource guides as handouts to assist writers at all stages and levels.