Sexual Misconduct

If you are the victim of a rape or sexual assault, know that what happened is not your fault. You have nothing to feel guilty or ashamed about.

A UMKC student who is the victim of a rape or sexual assault should do the following immediately after the assault:

  • Call the police at 911 or 816-235-1515.
  • Seek medical attention in an emergency room that performs evidentiary rape examinations. It is helpful to call ahead before going to the ER if possible.

It is important to follow up with medical care after the initial treatment. The hospital may make recommendations regarding medical aftercare, or you can contact the Student Health Center or a private physician.

If you choose to contact the police, and if you choose to file a report on the incident, the following are important to know:
Remember, you are the victim. You have nothing to feel guilty or ashamed about.

  • As soon as you call the police, an officer will contact you at the scene of the attack, the hospital, or wherever you wish.
  • If you request, a female officer will be made available, if at all possible, to handle the initial contact with you and assist you in completing the police report.
  • To preserve evidence, you should not bathe, change clothes, or do any cleaning up in any manner prior to receiving medical assistance.
  • You may file a police report against the subject.
  • You may ask that university disciplinary action be initiated against the suspect by contacting the Office of Student Conduct at 816-235-8955.
  • You may have the police contact the suspect about the incident and still choose not to have the suspect arrested.
  • You may tell the police not to contact the suspect but provide them with details concerning the assault so they have the information on the suspect for further reference.

You may choose to proceed through the university discipline procedure in addition to, or in lieu of, pressing criminal charges against the suspect. The university discipline procedure provides that in cases of alleged sexual assault:

  • The accused is subject to university sanctions, which may include probation, suspension from the university for a specified time, or permanent expulsion from the university.
  • The accuser and accused are entitled to the same opportunities to have another present during a campus disciplinary hearing.
  • The accuser and accused shall be informed of the outcome of any campus disciplinary proceeding brought which alleges sexual assault.
  • You may ask that university disciplinary action be initiated against the suspect by contacting Sybil Wyatt at 816.235.6910.

Seek Support and Assistance

Any form of sexual violence can have traumatic effects, and it is helpful to talk with a trained and supportive professional about how you are feeling. Friends certainly can provide support, but professional help is also important. Contact:

Sex Discrimination, Harassment and Sexual Violence (Title IX)

Sex discrimination is prohibited by law in all educational programs and activities. Title IX of the 1972 education amendments applies to all students and employees at the university and prohibits unequal treatment based on sex, as well as sexual harassment.