Parental Notification Policy

Congratulations on your student being admitted to the University of Missouri–Kansas City.  Please know our goal for students is to nurture and develop responsible community leaders.  The University of Missouri Parental Notification Policy is aligned with that goal.  Two dimensions of that Policy are addressed below.

  • First, we hope you will continue to discuss the use of alcohol and controlled substances with your student.  These conversations have a significant impact on the future decisions your student will make concerning the use of alcohol or controlled substances.  To that end, we would like to provide a brochure to help facilitate discussion between you and your student.
  • Second, if your student is under the age of 21 and currently enrolled at UMKC, University officials may, as permitted by federal privacy law, notify you if your student has been found in violation the University of Missouri Student Standard of Conduct regarding alcohol or controlled substances.  The University cannot share details of the violation without your student’s written consent.  Should you wish not to be notified of these types of violations, please complete and return the waiver form declining notification.  If you change your mind regarding notification or if your address or phone number changes, you will need to contact us to let us know.

You have our assurance that alcohol and substance abuse education are important components of our student support programs at UMKC.  The linked information and the Parental Notification Policy are designed to be supportive of you in your role as parent/legal guardian.  We hope you find them useful.