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Taylor Carter Chose UMKC for the Six-Year Med School

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Second-year Medical Student | School of Medicine | 2019

Why did you choose UMKC?

Mostly, the six-year medical school program, the fact that you have no MCAT and the fact you have clinical experience from Day One really sparked my interest.

To go to medical school straight out of high school, at an early age you probably wanted to be a doctor.

I did. I don’t remember the exact age I decided I wanted to be a physician. But I know it has to do with my volunteer work with special education kids that I did when I was younger. That really triggered my interest in the human body.

When I was in third grade, I went and I read to children with special needs at my elementary school. From there, I became really good friends with some of them. I loved working with kids with Down syndrome. So I started volunteering at an after-care/day care facility in Oklahoma City (she’s from Edmond, Oklahoma). I volunteered there for eight years until I was a senior in high school. I really enjoyed doing that. That brought all my interests together and pushed me toward the medical field.

Where is UMKC taking you?

Hopefully, at the end, I will become a physician. That’s the goal. But I feel like I’m gaining a lot of leadership positions since I’ve been at the School of Medicine.

What groups are you involved with?

This semester I am an organic chemistry tutor for the Year 1 class. I sit on the Council on Evaluation. And I’m a peer mentor for the Year 1 class.

What are your lifelong goals?

Right now I am interested in pediatric neurology and pediatric neurosurgery.

What have you learned about yourself?

Last semester was one of the more challenging semesters for me. I’m used to getting really good grades and it coming easily to me. But biochemistry challenged me. I had to reevaluate my study habits. It taught me that taking a break from studying was really important to my success. I can’t go 24 hours a day, seven days a week studying all the time. I need an outlet. I need to do something fun.

What motto do you live by? 

Probably a scripture in First Corinthians. It says, ‘Everything is permissible to me, but not everything is beneficial. Everything is permissible to me, but I won’t be conquered by anything.’ It says to me, ‘I have access to whatever I want, but not everything is going to be good for me. I can do whatever you want, but not everything is good for me.’

What excites you?

I love basketball. I love Scandal. I love hanging out with friends and my family. I have a little brother and an older sister. And I love my dog. His name is Chester. Chester is a black lab. He’s 2.




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