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MAMA 42 Call for Papers

MAMA 42nd Annual Conference
September 22nd, 2018
University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS
Conference Theme: Skins
Plenary Speaker: Dr. Andrew Beresford, University of Durham

      We construe the notion of skin, or skins, as having multiple meanings, contexts, and sites of enquiry; it could pertain to humans or animals; as a covering or a disguise, revealing or concealing identity, a marker of difference and similarity, race, class, and gender; the mutilated witness to heroic and saintly deeds, or the epitome of idealized beauty; it can be sacred or profane; it may also evoke science, medicine, and the body; skin as writing surface and manuscript; as palimpsest, the scraping away of layers of meaning; it may allude to blank spaces and lacunae; skin as the polychrome surface of a statue, or a fresco; architectural skins and façades; it could relate to surfaces, spaces, and landscapes; to the veneers of civilization and society. We invite papers that engage these topics, or any related to the field of medieval studies.

Please send proposals of 250 words by July 1st to Caroline Jewers at

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