Bloomberg Career Resources

By now, many of you have temporarily exhausted the resources we have available on Symplicity. While you might not initially think of Bloomberg Law as your go-to for career advice, they have a ton of resources to assist you in finding a potential employer, acing your interview, and excelling on the job. As a law student, this is a great (free!) resource to utilize. Even as a new graduate, you have free access for six months after graduation.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the tips:




If you remember your Bloomberg Law login information, you can access the Career Services page at

If you don’t remember your Bloomberg Law login information, you can still log in using the above link. Contact the 24/7 help desk at +1-888-560-2529 for password retrieval assistance.

If you have never logged in to Bloomberg Law, you can go to to register.

If you require additional assistance, please contact Larry Maclachlan in the Law Library at Take some time to explore these resources and let us know what you find helpful!


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