Pathways to Teaching

IUE’s Grow Your Own (GYO) Pathway Program for High School Students

The IUE’s GYO program was developed to address teacher shortages, retention, and diversity, with an intentional social justice lens, the IUE GYO is designed to cultivate culturally-responsive and community-responsive teachers who are passionate about teaching. Unlike most GYO programs, IUE’s is unique in the way we support students and teachers, reflective of our goals.

Program Goals

College Accesss

To create opportunities for students to obtain affordable college credit through dual credit options.

College Preparation

To create opportunities for students to receive guidance and mentorship about college success and explore teaching as a future career.

Teacher Preparation

To prepare future teachers to be social justice-centered and to recognize the importance of diversity and community in student success.

Teacher Recruitment

To attract diverse, homegrown educators who, upon college graduation and teacher certification, will return to their home schools and communities to teach.

Participating Schools

The IUE works closely with participating schools. Our staff meet regularly with our participating teachers and students, providing ongoing support throughout the academic year, including instruction time with students. This close affiliation works wonders with students, showing them the pathways to teaching in urban communities.

Our current GYO district and school partners include:

  • Allen Village School
  • Center High School
  • Crossroads Academy
  • DeLaSalle
  • Grandview High School
  • Guadalupe Center Schools
  • Hogan Preparatory Academy
  • Lincoln College Prep Academy (KCPS)
  • Northeast High School (KCPS)
  • North Kansas City High School (NKCPS)
  • Ruskin High School
  • Southeast High School (KCPS)
  • Winnetonka High School (NKCPS)

GYO in Action

We in the IUE GYO program work closely with our partnering high schools, which includes engaging in reciprocal relationships and working alongside our partners in education to provide a most meaningful experience for high school students participating in our program. Here’s a sneak peak of our program in action.

GYO Anchor Courses

TCH-ED 160 (Introduction to Teaching: Teaching as an act of Social Justice): Introduces students to teaching and the field of education with particular focus on the importance of teaching as an act of social justice, community responsiveness, and equity (3 credits / dual credit).

GECRT-SS 108 (What’s race got to do with it?): Explores the impact of systemic and institutional racism, with a particular emphasis on Kansas City (3 credits / digital programming).

Want to become a GYO Partner School?

Are you a teacher or school leader who feels strongly about equity, social justice, and community responsiveness? Please contact Dr. Brad Poos, IUE Associate Director to bring the IUE GYO program to your school or school district.