The next morning, Lori and I woke up bright and early once again to being the next leg of our trip: Italy. The first stop was Venice. However, we had a minor (major) set back. When booking our Airbnb, I managed to somehow book a room in a completely different city, about an hour away from the actual island of Venice. Luckily, at this point in the term, we had enough money to get a hotel on the island, deeming it much more worthy of our time and money than trying to make daily trips from Treviso to Venice and back. So we ordered a land taxi to catch a water taxi to get to our new destination.




While I’m sure there are many who will disagree, there isn’t a ton to see in Venice, as far as sites go. Venice is much more of a “take in your surroundings” than a “go-see-do!” city. Wandering the canals and winding through cobblestoned streets was how we spent most of our time. We dedicated a whole day to getting lost in the city, while in actuality we only needed a few hours because the island is so small. Venice was our relaxed stop of the tour, since every other one was jam-packed with too much to do in too little time. The photos shown in this post are mostly from the leisurely stroll we took that day.





Thanks for reading, stay tuned, and I hope you’re enjoying my catch up!

Xx Jessica