The City that never rests and the City that never sleeps


I spent a little over a week in Spain, it was an adventurous week to say the least. We spent some time in Barcelona before taking the train to Madrid and I had the opportunity of experiencing the uniqueness of both cities.

Barcelona can be best described as bustling with life! The streets were packed with people from all walks of life, on every corner, was a street performance and there was an endless number of events to engage in.

Out and about in Barcelona
Out and about in Barcelona

On our first outing, we took a walk on the pier and then went on a boat ride. The walk was very refreshing to say the least. Beautiful people going about their activities, beautiful birds perching on the pier and the beautiful scenery of the ocean made for a very refreshing walk. If that is what a day living in Barcelona is like, then no wonder the people are so relaxed.

Madrid was more of a night time city. The streets were not as packed with people during the day as Barcelona. Dinner was eaten by 9 or 10 pm with conversations stretching into the night. Restaurants stayed open till the early am and street performers came out at night to serenade passersby.


Madrid has beautiful architecture! You can’t help but look up at the magnificent buildings lining the sidewalks. It also has beautiful cultural sights like the Prado Museum.


The Prado Museum
The Prado Museum

I will definitely love to visit Spain again.