Bla Bla Car Adventures

In France, there exists this car sharing type of thing called Bla Bla Car. It is cheaper than your regular bus, train or airplane and you don’t need to have a car to go on vacation! What? How is that possible? Oh but it is!

Okay so I booked a Bla Bla Car to Grenoble from Lyon, which is about an hour drive so it would not be so bad. The price difference wasn’t a lot but it still made a difference. Looking up train tickets it was about 20 euros to go to Grenoble and then 20 eros to come back. Okay, that would have been nice if I actually was staying more than 24 hours .. but I only stayed in Grenoble for Friday night and left Saturday night. Why go to Grenoble then? I was visiting my uncle and picking up a few things I forgot! Anyway, with the Bla Bla Car the price of going to Grenoble was 7 euros and coming back was 7 euros. Yes, for the price of two meals I was able to go to Grenoble and back!

So I booked it. You have to reserve your spot in the car or else they fill up, and they usually have open reservations or they have to accept your reservation (which I don’t think is a bad idea). I reserved my spot in a car that was leaving maybe and hour or so right after school so I didn’t lose time, but you see the problem with this is that the person may cancel on you (of course you get a reimbursement but you’re left with all your bags packed, etc.) for whatever reason. This person was calling me in the middle of class to my french phone, therefore I had no idea how to turn down the volume, so I just turned it off. (I didn’t know because it’s a really old phone that doesn’t even take pictures! I didn’t even know they still made those :P). Anyway, turns out that she had to cancel because her car was having problems, etc. So I was scrambling to book another Bla Bla Car to take me to Grenoble and luckily I found one that left even earlier and got there early enough to eat some Kebab with my uncle from our favorite place in Grenoble!

And let me tell you, coming back, the lady was maybe 20 minutes late or so but granted it was because she didn’t know her way around Grenoble… or Lyon for that matter. But all in all, the car rides were fine and both very talkative (I think you can chose a car with music on or something when booking the Bla Bla Car if you don’t want to talk).

The question of the day is if we have something like this back home in the States? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of something like this, but if we do I want to know! if we don’t… why don’t we?

A bientôt,