Spring Break Diaries: Days 4-6, London

Day 4
Today was purely a travel day between Bath and London. I didn’t leave until 14:40 so I slept in for once, ate breakfast, and found a quiet place to work while I waited for my train to arrive. I spent my time on the train reading a new book and when I got to London I checked into the hostel, which was in a great location by Victoria Station and Buckingham Palace, and then went to get dinner. It was not an exciting day by any means, just one of those in-between days where you move between cities.

Day 5
My travels abroad have taken me too many places and that includes London (this would bemy fourth time visiting the city), so this time around my goal was to spend as little as possible. Today IIMG_8490Peter Pan Statue in Kensington Gardensspent the day walking everywhere instead of taking the tube. I walked to Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, Green Park, St. James Park and Buckingham Palace. I have always loved the parks in London. And it was the perfect time to see them because all the flowers (mainly daffodils) were in bloom and the wildlife was out and about. People were enjoying the day feeding birds (some got parakeets to eat right from their hands), running a marathon, rowing boats along the Serpentine, and basking in the wonderful spring weather. It is crazy the transformation Hype Park went through for the Christmas Market in December because now you wouldn’t even realize that it was once covered with stalls, rides, and thousands of people.

Day 6
Today was my last full day in London because tomorrow I am going on another tour that will last four days and then I go back to Edinburgh. So today did something that I have never gotten to do before in London, the British Museum. Admission to the Museum is free which is great the problem is that I am a sucker for gift shops and I will be coming back to Edinburgh with more books than I need and an even longer list (than I had before) of books that I want. The doors opened promptly at 10:30 and close at 17:30 so I made sure to arrive early so that I wouldn’t feel rushed and would be able to spend the entire day there. [They are open later on Fridays.]

The front entrance to the British Museum

I love museums. I love learning about history, cultures, and the world. And I would rank the British Museum as one of my top three that I have been to. Besides show casing wonderful collections that span the globe and having free admission, the museum is easy to navigate and you are able to see every room with a full day visit. When I go to a museum I don’t like to feel rushed, but take my time and enjoy exhibits and I was able to do that here. In comparison, the Louvre, while a fantastic museum, made me feel frenzied and stressed. It was too big with too many areas to explore. I didn’t have nearly enough time to enjoy it and it would take weeks if not months before I even saw everything on display. Some displays that I really enjoyed at the British Museum were the Enlightenment room, the Lycian exhibit and tomb, the first library, Babylon, ancient Britain, the Lindow Man, the Rosetta Stone, and parts of the Parthenon. There were many exhibits on great ancient civilizations, and I would love to go back again to get another look at them.

Helpful Hint: When traveling (to any city) walking is the best way to see the sites (just seeing them is free) and is wallet friendly too, but it tends to build up an appetite. So if you are looking to save go to a grocery store where they may have a meal deal or pick up a loaf of bread and some fruit, meat, or cheese. It is filling and is the most economical way to eat.

Bath & Stonehenge

My day at bath started at 5:15 when I had to wake up and get ready in order to catch the bus by 8:15. But, despite my attempts of waking up early, we almost missed our coach. Luckily, everything worked out and we got to Stonehenge.


Even though it was absolutely freezing and super windy it was really cool to be able to see Stonehenge. The fam-bam had fun taking pictures as we walked along one of the paths so we could see it from every angle. Our time at Stonehenge was short and after we were done looking at it we went back to the coach to get on the bus and go to Bath.


Bath was beautiful and once we found out the ticket price to get into the actual Roman Baths, we quickly purchased them. It was cool to see the baths and learn a little about them. We finished the bath houses in about an hour and then went on the hunt to find a much deserved lunch. We were told to go to Crystal Palace, but unfortunately it was too busy. So by fate we stumbled into Hands Georgian Tearooms.

12798959_10154160160794305_6820284070391452475_n 12794490_10154160160839305_2027496536297018867_n

We were drawn in by the beautiful piano playing and the quaint restaurant. I ordered the delicious steak pie with chips and the beautiful chocolate delight sundae that Holden helped me eat. We didn’t get back to our flats until around 8:30-9. Overall Bath was a success and to anyone who travels to England I recommend you going just for the experience.

As the term wraps up I’ll be getting ready for the Harry Potter Warner Brothers Studio Tour as well as spring break. It’s crazy to think that I’m in week nine out of twelve weeks of classes, I’ll have exams and then I’ll be done with modules. After I’m done with modules I’ll have approximately two months to travel. My parents are visiting mid-May and I plan to take them to all of my favorite places. I’m shocked to see my time slipping through my fingers, but at the same time I’m making the most of it as well. I’m hoping to remain consistent with my posts until my time is over, but no promises. Anyways, until next time.