Saying Goodbye: Leipzig, Here I Come!

So, the big day is almost here. Tomorrow, at around 4:20 pm, I will begin my journey to Leipzig, Germany! Man, this is crazy. I’ve been planning this trip in earnest for the last year or so, but it goes much farther back than that. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve wanted to live for a time in Germany. My family is from “German stock,” as my grandma would say, and ever since she showed me an old German bible, I’ve wanted to both learn the language and travel there. And now here I am. Only 24 hours away from living there for 5 whole months. Surprisingly, I don’t feel scared or anxious, really; I only feel ready. My bags are all packed and I have a nice little checklist here with everything ticked off. And yet, despite my preparations for the past half year, there are things that I still don’t know about. Sure, I have most of the physical things taken care of: packed luggage, a plane ticket, a place to stay when I get there. But no matter how much planning I do, I can’t avoid those nagging uncertainties, such as who my flats mates will be or even what classes I’ll be taking. Those aren’t small “who knows,” either; they’re kind of important! I just need to keep an open mind and roll with it.

As well as my last day to finish packing, today was my “goodbye day.” I saw my two best friends, my old boss and a few other people from work, and my grandparents. All in all, it was definitely a busy one! I haven’t been so busy in a loooong time. The rest of the day was spent hanging out with my girlfriend, Miranda (who I’m sure you’ll hear more about in future posts), and my family. It’s odd, though. You know that feeling you get when you say goodbye and know that it’ll be for a long time? Well, I didn’t experience that at all while I was saying my farewells. Even as I was hugging my friends or shaking my boss’s hand for the last time, those emotions weren’t present; it all felt like it was a normal goodbye, a “See you later!” kind of goodbye. I didn’t feel sadness or anything, which is the exact opposite of what I was expecting. I think that I was just happy to see them one last time. I’m sure that once I’m hugging my mom, siblings, and girlfriend for that last time before I hop on a plane for 14 hours, the realization of what I’m doing will really hit me. I just hope that my seatmate doesn’t mind a sobbing dude next to them. And I hope they’ll have some extra tissues handy.