Next Stop: Camden Town

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During my last trip to London a few summers ago, my friends and I visited the Camden Lock Markets on the recommendation of a photographer we met. The few hours we spent walking around the “quirky, punk-side” of London are some of my favorite memories from that trip, so when I arrived in London a few weeks ago, I knew I had to revisit.

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Camden is located in east London, while my campus is in the southwest. It takes a bus, an overground train, as well as the underground to get to, but it is well worth the trip. The high-street has your typical stores and familiar restaurants (shoutout to KFC!) but further down, you end up making your way to independent merchants selling everything from food to jewelry to home décor. While there are many mainstream trinkets, you can also find one-of-a-kind items.

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My second trip to Camden Town juxtaposed the previous in nearly every way. In the June daylight, the markets are so packed with people and venders you have to practically fold yourself to make your way through. But this week, we walked the markets at dusk, which had noticeably less merchants than before, as well as visitors. We were able to take our time and weave through the halls at our own pace, instead of feeling crammed and rushed.

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Camden holds a place in my heart for many reasons. Besides housing precious memories, Camden is a place you can go to be inspired. Here, art and music collide with culture to paint the town’s walls, businesses, and sidewalks. Everyone is accepted, because everyone has the freedom to express themselves however they deem fit.

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If you ever plan a trip to London, make sure to put Camden on your To Do list.

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Thanks for reading; I hope you enjoyed!

– Jessica