It Can’t Be Almost Over

With the start of week thre, it’s also the final week we are in Cork. So for the 4 week program, we are required to read three books, create a presentation of what we plan to write our papers about, and write a paper due after we arrive home. When completing these simple tasks we receive 6 honors credits for school. Thankfully.. Monday we had a full day to work on our presentations that we were presenting on Thursday and Friday. For my paper/presentation I finally decided to compare whisk(e)y. There are many differences between Irish, Scottish, and American whisk(e)y. I will be comparing the top sellers of each country. I am doing research on advertising strategies of each brand, cost to make, and processes of making the whisk(e)y. Being a business major, this allows me to use what I’m learning during the program and what I’ve learned in prior marketing and finance classes to complete the research paper.












The Ring of Kerry was this week’s day trip. During this trip we made multiple stops around County Kerry. Our first stop was called “Ladies View” this view was named in 1861 when Queen Victoria and her ladies-in-waiting visited the spot. After a 20ish minute drive we arrived at the beautiful falls of Killarney National Park, we were able to climb the falls, take photos, and enjoy the presence of nature. Back to the bus, driven by Patty, a fellow who had worked for the UN, had 5 seconds of stardom in the movie The Wind That Shakes the Barley, and was probably the
most terrible confident bus driver. We arrived at our next destination, Muckross home and gardens. This was the first national park in The Republic of Ireland. The walking trails, gardens, and lake views are spectacular. We finished our day here, eating lunch, walking the trails, and touring the 65 room home.











As I said in the beginning, this was our final week in Cork. This city had become our home away from home, from waking up and going to Mardyke Fitness Centre to workout, walking to Mango in the morning before class to get a coffee and cherry scone, getting groceries at Centra, Lidl, or Tesco, to walking into city centre and knowing The Liberty Grille was the best restaurant in Cork. We all connected with many locals and I know I will stay in contact with some. I felt as though I was no longer a tourist but more like a semi-local 🙂 Saturday we would be traveling to Trinity College in Dublin to finish our last week of the program. For me, there was mixed emotions leaving Cork. I was sad to leave but also ready to see new places. I also did not want to pack! (I waited until 4am Saturday morning to pack for Dublin)