Irish Pub Crawl


The last time the group met was at a Irish music pub crawl. It was a bittersweet experience realizing that it was the last time that we, as a class, will be together in the same room. It has been a blast spending a month with them and experiencing a new culture. Our teachers decided that it was best to send us off as a class with a bit of education and beer, Irish style. I guess when in Rome. We first met the duo at a small bar that had a patio. We all got a drink, mine was Orchard Thieves, and started to listen. They educated us on the Irish bagpipes and how it is different from its Scottish brethren. The Irish one uses your elbows to make air flow through the instrument versus the Scottish. It also gives a higher pitch and makes use of faster notes. When they were using this, the atmosphere was bright and bubbly in the room; almost made me want to do a jig. We followed them to another bar where they sang a cover of the famous Irish band U2. It was a brilliant rendition of their hit Still Haven’t What I am Looking For.