Hola Amigos!

First off I’d like to apologize for not posting in ages. It’s been about three weeks since I’ve last written or posted anything due to traveling for 19 days during Easter Holiday, but now that I’m back it’s time to get you all caught up. I’ll start by saying that this trip was a lifetime experience that I do not regret, even with all the ups and downs. Our trip got off to a rough start simply because we had to catch a taxi at two in the morning to get our early flight. But, because our taxi was so early Jessica and I pulled an all-nighter and didn’t sleep until we landed in Madrid, Spain that afternoon. Madrid was a nice start to our trip because there wasn’t a lot to see on our list so it was very relaxing. As nervous as I was about trying to speak Spanish in Madrid, little did I know that Spain was the last place we would be before returning to London where I could somewhat understand the language. For some reason I didn’t anticipate how much of a struggle the language barrier would be, but we’ll get to that later. Anyways, back to Madrid! Madrid was lovely for many reasons, but the number one reason was because it was warm.


Seeing and feeling the sun in Madrid was great and refreshing. We even went out one day and took pictures at the Temple de Debod. It’s a beautiful place and I recommend going. You get an amazing view of the city near the temple and there’s some people selling gorgeous jewelry. Another great thing about Madrid was we went to Park Del Retiro and paid to go out on the pond and row a boat for only 6 euros! You’ll be surprised (I was amazed) that we didn’t fall in.


But even though the temple was beautiful and the boat ride was lovely, I’d say the best thing about Madrid was this little gelato shop right across from our Airbnb. We went there at least two times a day once we discovered it. No shame. But hey! We the flat was on the fifth floor, so we definitely worked it off by the time we got back.


Our flight was nice and we were hosted by a lovely family with a baby. We had our own little room and when I mean little, you couldn’t stand up straight without hitting your head on the attic style ceiling. The good thing about this Airbnb was that we didn’t have to share a bed. The bad thing about this flat was that it was on the fifth floor and we had a difficult time unlocking the door. You’ll soon find out that this is a reoccurring theme throughout our trip. Anyways, as calming and beautiful as Madrid was, we were more than ready to leave by the fourth day. Our next stop was to Barcelona!