Hakuna Matata

These past couple of days have been super busy and packed and with my parents being here I will be out and about more often than not. As promised this post will include my trip to Madame Tussaud’s, Tower of London and my favorite activity thus far…The Lion King Musical.

Two days ago I started my day early and woke up at 7:30 and got ready to go and meet my parents and go to the Tower of London. The Tower of London is massive and there’s so much to see and do. You can walk around the wall of the castle, go up in the White Tower as well as many others, but my favorite thing was seeing the crown jewels. It’s insane to think that there’s a room that holds a priceless amount of jewels and gold that was worn by kings and queens of the past and present. It’s even crazier to think that all it does now is sit in a room for people to look and admire. I can’t even imagine having that much wealth within my possession.


After climbing many stairs in the Tower of London and three hours later we got lunch before heading over to Madame Tussauds. Madame Tussauds is so cool and they have so many wax figures of not only celebrities, but world leaders as well. It’s crazy to think how much work they put into each wax figure. They’ve got it down to the freckles on the person’s arm to facial hair and outfits. The wax figures are also the exact height of the celebrities, actors and world leaders, so it was funny to take pictures with them and seeing how tall they actually are in comparison to myself. Madame Tussauds was something I’ve wanted to go to for a long time so I’m glad I finally got to go and take my parents. They were completely blown away by it all.

Once we finished at Madame Tussauds we went to Westfield mall so I could get mini pancakes, ice cream and Nutella as well as my parents getting to see the giant mall that is forty-two acres. We also had dinner at this Mexican restaurant Wahacca. It was pretty good and decently priced. When we finished browsing through the mall it was time to call it a day. We had officially been on our feet for over twelve hours and were all exhausted, so we headed home so we could be well rested for The Lion King musical.


The next day we met up with my parents and I introduced them to my friend Holden. Everyone had a laugh as my mom taught us personality traits based off physical appearance. It’s hard to explain, but know it’s a real thing you used to be able to study (you probably still can). Once we got to the theatre we found our seats and waited for the show to begin. As soon as the screen went up and the music started to play I instantly got chills. I wish I could give the show justice by describing it, but to say that it was “outstanding” and “the best show I’ve ever been too” (and I’ve seen Les Mis, Wicked and Peter and the Star Catcher) is an understatement. The costumes were beautifully done and lit up the state, the music and singing was on point and oh my goodness don’t even get me started on lighting and stage.

The lighting was superb and the stage…the stage completely blew me away! Every hard thing that is shown in the movie such as Mufassa dying and the battle between Simba and Scar was done excellently! When the scene with the stampede came up I was a little skeptical on how they were going to pull it off, but they did it! They had wildebeest heads on a huge wooden pole, each one in set back a bit and in front of it so when they turned the pole it looked like they were running after Simba and to show depth and closeness they had other actors who simply wore wildebeest heads to show they were getting closer. Everyone was on the edge of their seats at this point.


When Simba ran away to the jungle with Timon and Pumba the set went from warm, hot colors to cool and peaceful blues and greens. The scene where Simba runs into Rafiki and he sees his dad in the sky was done beautifully. Overall the musical was amazing and not only did it capture everything from the movie, but it made you emotional as well. Many people teared up when Mufassa died. However, throughout the play I couldn’t help but compare it to Hamlet, thanks to my previous Shakespeare class.

Needless to say I rushed down to the main shop and bought the soundtrack. I can honestly say that The Lion King was definitely one of the best highlights of this trip so far. Anyways, I’ve got another day ahead of me, I’m taking my parents to the best Greek restaurant in London and then we’re going to explore some more of this crazy city. So until next time.