Going Away for Awhile

At the Airport heading off to Peru with Maddi Cipolla.

Cusco, Peru. My home for the next four weeks.

As I am about to start an amazing journey in a beautiful country, I would like to share my experiences with you along the way. I will be participating in a service learning program in Cusco, Peru, which allows me to work in a dental clinic alongside numerous medical professionals. This is a way for me to actively be engaged in the community that I am placed in, while still gaining credit through my home university.

I will be staying with a host family along with 3 other American students from a number of universities here in the U.S. We had the option of a homestay (which is the choice that I selected) or you could choose to live on your own, but what’s the fun in that?! We will each have our own rooms, along with 3 meals per day, and laundry services weekly. I have been placed with the Baca family, who have been hosting international students since 2001. I can’t wait to finally meet this family and see how they go about life on a daily basis. I hope to be immersed in their everyday activities and gain a new and better understanding of their culture. I love that we are given the opportunity to stay with a Peruvian family. I think it gives students studying abroad a very unique experience, as you can connect with locals and learn from them firsthand.

Although I am pretty excited about my home stay and my host family, I am most excited for all of the places that I will get to visit throughout my month long stay in Peru. From the city markets, to beautiful restaurants, to the rainbow maintains, I am ready for it all. At the top of that list is Machu Picchu. Yes, I know this is a super basic answer when visiting Peru, but I have seen hundreds of pictures and read numerous blogs and within just a few short weeks it’s my turn to visit. My chance to take in its beauty and witness it in person.

In addition to the many places I will get to see, I am looking forward to the students I will meet along the way, as well as learning from dental and medical professionals in this country. I’m not quite sure what to expect, but I am eager to see where this experience leads me. I will keep you posted, and I hope you enjoy following along on my journey.

Thanks for reading!

Mollie Maupin is a sophomore at the University of Missouri- Kansas City studying Chemistry and Psychology. She will spend four weeks in Peru with the ISA Service Learning: Cusco program. While in Cusco she will shadow in a dental clinic, learning from numerous professionals.

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