Do you know where The Titanic’s last stop was?

This week we really focused on the museums in Cork, The Titanic, and art. We typically go to class during the morning and head to a museum as a class during the afternoon.

My favorite museum was the Lewis Glucksman Gallery. This was a very eclectic art gallery with hands on activities all around.

The first thing you see is the largest “knitting map” I’ve ever seen. This piece was created by many people from all over Ireland.IMG_1395

As you walk around and see more, you come across a room with marker all over the chairs & table. Here you can write/draw all over. You see names and images created from people all over the world.

The museum is full of textiles and patterns that exhilarate all of your senses (well except for taste 😜)

Lastly, there is a chalkboard with a single question, “Where do you see yourself in ten years?” That question is answered very easily by myself. I see myself traveling the globe, experiencing different cultures, and learning languages. The world is my playground and I want to explore every square inch. I want my brain overflowing with knowledge from different countries.


Also this week we took a day trip to a very colorful city with an unknown history called Cobh. The city is home to colorful home, fishing boats, St. Colman’s Cathedral, and the last stop of Titanic before sinking.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetAs a class we went to the Titanic experience, we were given a boarding tickets of real Irish passengers that boarded Titanic. I was Kate Connolly, a twenty-three year old third class passenger. You go on a journey of what life was like on the ship. At the end of the journey you see if you survived the sinking. I was rescued by lifeboat 13 and survived the sinking.

During the afternoon, we were able to explore the city. Ashley and I walked around finding the Titanic Memorial Gardens, we explored St. Colman’s cathedral, and enjoyed Raspberry sorbet from a local candy shop.Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetWhat a busy week of study abroad, actually just about every week is busy. This weekend I’m hopping on a plane traveling somewhere, check out my next post to see where I traveled and my experience! 🙂

Here’s a hint, it’s rainy 😜