Brighton(ed) My Weekend

Three days ago I got back from my trip from Brighton and I can honestly say it was one of my favorite trips I went on. To start with Brighton is a beach town so it was lovely to lay by the beach for hours at a time, even if it was a rock beach instead of a sand one. However, Brighton is known for it’s pier where they have a little carnival area set up. There’s two main roller coasters, a lot of upside, topsy-turvy, spiny rides as well as two giant arcades. The pier alone is enough to keep you busy for a few hours, seeing as how it is one of Brighton’s main attractions.


Along the pier and the beach front there are many restaurants and little shops to go into. Brighton is a busy town filled with many cool things to see. There’s street performers (we saw a guy playing an accordion on a tight rope), there’s a lot of cute little quirky shops towards the city centre of Brighton and of course, a ton of restaurants.

Most of my time and my friends (I went with Jessica and Holden) were spent on the beach throwing rocks into the ocean. Our hotel was less than a block away from the ocean, so we saw it every day as soon as we stepped out the door. It was nice to go on a little trip that we didn’t have a strict itinerary for. Brighton was our relaxing beach vacation, so we didn’t feel pressured to do everything at once or stay out late. We simply enjoyed our time and each other’s company.


On our second day in Brighton we found this cute little cafe that had the most delicious breakfast food for a very reasonable price and huge portions. Needless to say we went back there again for breakfast the next morning. Our time in Brighton was short but it was well spent, lazing around at the beach taking pictures or on the pier riding rides or even exploring town and all the cute, little, quaint shops. As excited as I was to go to Brighton I was even more excited for it to end because that meant that the next day I got to see my parents. Jump forward three days and they are now here and have been exploring London! I’d tell you more about what they’ve done, but that’s for another post. Until next time though.