Birthday Edition

This past week I was privileged to spend yet another birthday with my best friend. But this one was much different than the ones celebrated previously. This time we’re in one of the world’s greatest cities. For my chum’s twenty-second birthday we decided to treat ourselves and have a night out with friends.


Typical “nights-out” are neither of our cups of tea, but when in London, right?


And with my birthday coming up later this week, we figured we would have juxtaposing, chill trip to an infamous market, Portobello Road (think Notting Hill). So between the two celebrations, I’d say my impending birthday might be the best one yet.

However, there is one more birthday that I will be celebrating this week. The day I will be posting this, February 1st, is my grandpa’s birthday. This will be the second one we haven’t been able to celebrate together, since his passing in August of 2014.IMG_2896

Despite the amount of time that has passed, there are still days when I feel like I could easily call him up and talk to him about everything that’s been going on, especially being on this incredible study abroad journey (and he’d tell me how impressed he was, and remind me how he’s not easily impressed). I doubt this feeling will pass anytime soon, and I’m not sure I’d want it to. I know he’s still just as excited my adventures, and that simple though makes the situation a bit more bearable.

So happy birthday to my favorite people: Lori, Grandpa Bob, and Harry Styles. Thank you for being the best parts of my life, and letting me be a part of yours.

And thank you for reading! Sorry this post is a bit wordier, but I definitely have plenty more photos to share with you!

Xx Jessica