Are You Serious!

I have landed, and it is 4:39pm on my 3rd day and already so much has happened. I have moved in, been to orientation, met new people, experienced four new restaurants, and made it through my first trip to Walmart. Oh but wait I’m getting ahead of myself. Nǐhǎo, 你好, Welcome to Gabrielle’s Shanghai!!  I am studying in Shanghai, China, a place with beautiful culture, history, and great landmarks for pictures not to mention all of the new foods to try.

Students at the 1st night dinner.

One of the fun and amazing things about it is I am a 5’11 foot African American female. Isn’t that exciting because I think it is. I am here for a couple of reasons one studying abroad has always been a dream of mine, two I have always wanted to go to China, three this is one of the first major steps into reaching my goal of becoming a cultural anthropologist and archaeologist, and last but not least four I am here for self-growth. That’s a lot of reasons I know right but all of which will make this trip both enjoyable and a learning experience. Now that you know why I am here let’s get back to the story I was telling. It is only 4:39pm on my 3rd day and so much has happened. I have been busy since I landed on Wednesday the 8th. Just imagine that it left on the 7th of February and flew 17 hrs to be here on the 8th. Then once I landed, I dropped off my bags and headed right back out the door to have dinner with the group. The group being about 40+ people who also

My roommate Emma and a another student named Gabriel.

are here to participate in the program. It is a great way to meet new People but also get lost in the beauty of where you are and what you are doing.  The following morning we were given breakfast, while watching the snowfall outside. From that, point on it was a harsh cold and windy day but that did not stop us from walking to Shanghai University of Economics and Finance campus (SUFE)


SUFE gate at west entrance

where we had our first day of orientation. After orientation we paired up with our Chinese roommates (shìyǒu 室友 ), unfortunately our roommate had not arrived yet so we joined a group of people have come to know and set off to get SIM cards, dinner and go to Walmart. Such a long two days unlike today. Today was

way more of a relaxed Friday and gave me the time to sit and reflect on what has happened so far but the best part was the lovely acrobat show we saw at the Ritz-Carlton tonight. One of the coolest experiences yet. Even though it might be busy now on the first four days I must say I have accomplished so much. I never expected I would be able to go to a Chinese Walmart,

Walmart in Shanghai, Yangpu district.

shop and enjoy the company and adventures I have had already.

This has been a great start to my semester long trip and I’m glad I can share it with you. Until next time I’m Gabrielle and Welcome to my Shanghai!!