A Weekend in Sheffield

Warning: This blog post contains loads of sick panoramas and a bit of fangirling
There are only a handful of reasons I occasionally break my motto “I’m not up unless the sun is”. I’m talking, like an infant’s hand-handful. One of these exceptions is traveling. This past Saturday, after about three or four hours of sleep, due to my excitement and my flatmates’ Bop-ing, Lori and I headed off to Victoria Coach Station to catch the National Express to Sheffield. Sheffield is near the center of Great Britain, and about the three-hour bus ride north from London.



We arrived just after noon, and spent the next few hours wandering aimlessly throughout the city center. I fell in love with the Peace Garden, a courtyard of beautiful colors and fountains. It reminded me of home and the fountains in Crown Center. Sheffield is very much a bustling city, without the suffocation and exhaustion. As much as I love living in London, it isn’t until I leave the city that I realize how much I needed a city-break.
We walked through the museum’s Winter Garden before heading back to the hotel to rest and re-energize for the evening.

The entire reason I booked the trip to Sheffield in the first place was to see a play. Now, you might be thinking, ‘Jess, really? You’re leaving London, one of the entertainment capitals of the world, to go see a play.” Hell yeah I did. It was an impulse decision of sorts, as I only found out about the show, The Nap, a few days before. The Nap is a ‘comedy thriller’ about snooker, which, for my fellow Americans, is similar to pool. The Nap isn’t a show I would normally be drawn to, and despite not getting all of the jokes, due to my lack of knowledge on UK culture, I really enjoyed the production. The reason I booked the tickets was to see one man in particular: Jack O’Connell.

IMG_3630 *Shoutout to Chummy for this hysterical picture of the final bow

Jack is a relatively new face in American film, with his ‘breakout’ being the 2014 film Unbroken. As someone who has been impacted profoundly by the story of Louis Zamperini and Jack’s portrayal, I was excited to find out one of my new favorite actors was performing on stage.
Although it doesn’t happen too often, getting to experience new things is exciting and inspiring, for me personally. I was so incredibly happy this weekend in Sheffield, whether that was because of the presence of the Sun or managing to meet my favorite actor, or a concoction of other variables. I am looking forward eagerly to the next few weeks as I’m rounding out the term and getting to go on more adventures.

Thank you so much for reading, and I can’t wait to share it all with you!
Xx Jessica