5 airports, 6 days: Traveling to Amman, Jordan

Hello from Amman, Jordan! I begin my 4-week Arabic language immersion program on Monday, and I am so excited to learn, explore, and experience what this amazing city has to offer. My study abroad destination and my choice of study is not common, so I’ll answer the question that everyone has asked me since I signed my commitment form to the program: <em>”Why Arabic?”</em>

My favorite thing to do is learn, whether it’s a corny joke, a philosopher’s world view, or a way to clean the kitchen more efficiently. I truly believe that the acquisition of knowledge not only makes smarter people, but more worldly and understanding of people. With this perspective, I addressed my UMKC foreign language requirement differently than my classmates. Rather than continuing what little Spanish I learned in high school, I decided to take Arabic, a language spoken by over 300 million people, mostly in the Middle East and North Africa. In my first semester, I was initially overwhelmed by the difficulty, but then fell in love with the vocabulary, new alphabet, and cultural knowledge that came with the language classes. After four semesters, I decided to study abroad with AMIDEAST, a new third-party provider with UMKC in Amman, Jordan. I hope that the immersion experience will solidify my current knowledge and be a foundation for further growth. However, I didn’t travel to Jordan first; instead, I traveled to Cairo, Egypt for a week to see the sights. To get to Cairo, and eventually Amman, I took 5 flights in 6 days— see my adventure below.

I cannot wait to share my experiences with you- stay tuned!


Caroline Moriarty is a sophomore at the University of Missouri- Kansas City double majoring in political science and music. Caroline is spending the summer semester abroad with the AMIDEAST Intensive Arabic Program in Amman, Jordan. At UMKC, Caroline is a Trustees’ Scholar, member of the Honors College and Mortar Board, and the Vice President of the UMKC College Democrats. She hopes to attend graduate or law school in order to pursue a career in international relations, diplomacy, or public policy.

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