Time to Talk It Up!

The Talk it Up window is now open for Employees and Supervisors to connect and celebrate some of the success they have had so far, especially with some of us continuing to work remote. It is comparatively hard to get regular feedback since physical distance might prevent informal exchanges. It is also a perfect time for employees to plan for the next quarter; and get supervisor’s insight on their focus areas and development needs.

We hope Talk It Up in December 2020 will provide:

  • Opportunity to both Employees and Managers to align their expectation and focus areas centered towards individual growth, and success of the department/ University
  • Insights on how an employee is doing towards meeting their development goals (set during earlier Talk It Up conversations)
  • Opportunity for employees to take proactive approach towards their development

Please set aside time with your supervisor now! Visit the Talk it Up webpage for more information, including sample agendas, helpful tips, and more.

Thank you all for playing an active role in building a culture of ongoing dialogues focused on mutual growth and development.