Kayla Channell
Sr. Human Resources Specialist

Stephen Reese
Sr. Human Resources Specialist


Employee Relations

Megan Gonzalez
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Human Resources
Phone: 816-235-6401

Sarah Lauer
Hiring Coordinator
Phone: 816-235-1143

Emily Strayhall
Staff Talent & Development Specialist
Phone: 816-235-6792



UMKC's Newcomb Hall

Talent Management

Talent management is the university’s commitment to hire, develop and retain talented employees. It is the quality of the UMKC faculty and staff that shapes the reputation of the university. The Talent Management team supports units and individuals throughout the university while striving for environmental conditions that foster high performance and high commitment within a context of cultural competence.

Talent Acquisition and Recruitment

Talent acquisition is sourcing, recruiting and selecting the most talented individuals who align with the university’s strategic plan, possess required competencies and fit in the organization’s culture. By exercising strong relationship management and providing applicants and hiring leaders with the tools and expertise, the talent acquisition team strives to meet current and future employment needs of the university.

Professional Development

Professional Development at UMKC is an integrated concept within talent management that focuses on aligning talent with university and departmental goals as well as promoting a culture of high performance.

Employee Role in Professional Development

In addition to meeting current performance expectations, employees must be able to adapt to meet evolving organizational needs. For example, new skills and knowledge are often required to keep pace with technological change and new departmental procedures. Employees should be intentional about their self-development by continually evaluating the organization’s needs and their own desires for growth, assessing their skills and abilities, and seeking available learning opportunities. For more information, please contact the Office of Human Resources at 816-235-1621.

Supervisor Role in Professional Development

Employee development is a shared responsibility which requires collaboration between the employee and supervisor. The supervisor’s role as ‘performance coach’ includes such activities as clarifying performance and behavioral expectations, helping employees understand the organization’s long and short-term goals, identifying learning opportunities, giving positive and corrective feedback, and providing necessary resources.