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Payroll and Records

The Payroll division of HR  is responsible for the processing and payment of all payrolls at UMKC in a timely and accurate manner. The Payroll division is also responsible for the withholding and depositing proper taxes, reporting of federal and state payroll information, issuing earnings statements, W-2 production and collecting and disbursing garnishments, tax liens and child support, among other duties.

The Records division of HR supports the Human Resources department with system needs, information and guidance. They also provide timely and accurate information from our system to the appropriate decision makers on campus. When an employee applies to and is hired by UMKC, there’s an assumed justifiable trust placed on the university to maintain security of personal information for the protection of the rights of the individual.

Pay Schedules

University Payroll Services processes two payrolls:

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Employment Verifications

Employment verifications are very important for all employees at the university. Verifications are typically done for bank notes, home mortgages, housing and even future employment. Fortunately, we use The Work Number to complete all of these verifications.

The Work Number

The Work Number is an automated service used to provide instant employment and income verification. Instead of contacting the Human Resources Office, banks, lenders, etc. will now contact The Work Number to obtain this information. This service provides you control of the verification process and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through web or by phone.


Employees from local companies such as Hallmark Cards, Sprint, State of Missouri, Kansas City School District and the city of Kansas City use this service. It is a fast, secure method of handling your personal information. Mortgage and loan companies, banks, and property management companies are very familiar with using automated verification systems.

There are two types of verifications: proof of employment and proof of employment plus income. Proof of employment contains no salary information. It provides your name, current employment status, most recent start date, total time employed and job title. For these you will have provided your social security number to the lender through their application process and need only inform them that the verification be directed to The Work Number.

Proof of employment plus income contains all of the basic information plus rate of pay and earnings for the current year, in addition to the total earnings two years prior. For these verifications you will need to provide a salary key to the person needing the information. You create the salary key upon request. You are the only one who can create a salary key and present it to a verifier. Each salary key you create can be used only once and for a limited amount of time.

You may log in to The Work Number to monitor use, if you want to receive emails for important activity in your account or to change your PIN number. Your initial PIN number is the last four digits of your social security number plus four-digit year of birth. You will be forced to change your PIN number. Please note: Human Resources does not have access to your PIN number and any questions should be directed to The Work Number.

To provide proof of your employment only:
(Contains current status, dates of service and job title.)

Give the person seeking your proof of employment:

  1. Access options:
  2. University of Missouri Employee Code:
    • Employees: 13577
    • Retirees: 13578
  3. Your Social Security Number

To provide proof of your employment and income:
(Contains current status, dates of service, rate of pay, income for current year to date plus income for past 2 years.)

  1. You must first go to or call 1-800-367-2884. You are the only person who can authorize access to your earnings and salary information.
  2. Enter: The University of Missouri Employer Code:
    • Employees: 13577
    • Retirees: 13578
    • Your Social Security Number
    • Your first PIN # = last four digits of SSN plus four-digit year of birth (Forgot your PIN number? Contact The Work Number listed in step 1.)
  3. Select “Create a Salary Key” – Write down the Salary Key
  4. Give these four things to the person seeking proof of your employment and income.
    • The Work Number Access Options: or 1-800-367-5690
    • The University of Missouri Employer Code:
      Employees: 13577   Retirees: 13578
    • Social Security Number (Which you likely have provided during the completion of their forms.)
    • Your Salary Key

Nonresident Alien Payments

The majority of payments for Nonresident Aliens are processed through payroll. Our department will perform a tax assessment for individuals receiving these payments to determine their taxable nature and provide as many benefits to the employee receiving the payment, as possible.


For information on UMKC hiring procedures, obtaining a social security card, receiving scholarship and award payments and filing tax returns, refer to Nonresident Alien Payments link under Resources.


For information on NRA hiring procedures, and issuing payments for Honorarium, Prizes and Awards, and Scholarships, refer to the Resources on our Nonresident Alien Payments page.

Employee Files

Employee records are maintained by the HR office on campus. If an employee would like to view their personnel file, schedule an appointment with a member from the records team.