May Monthly Newsletter – United Healthcare

Healthy Vision, Mental Health Awareness, and National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

May’s Health Observance is Healthy Vision, Mental Health Awareness and National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. Looking for educational information related to this topic? If so, check out the following UnitedHealthcare educational resources: 

Mental Health

Check out this month’s Health Tip Flier.

Recognizing Burnout

Click here for the Recognizing Burnout education presentation where we will learn how burnout may impact many individuals in all types of workforces. Not only will we define burnout, but we will review possible causes and warning signs of burnout. In addition, you will learn how to recognize when you need help.

Rally Mission of the month: Do yoga every week

If you are enrolled in a university medical insurance plan, Rally Missions can help support you in taking small steps to live a healthier live. Rally is available at no additional cost to you, as part of your health plan benefits with UnitedHealthcare. Check out the Rally overview flyer (PDF) to learn more, and get started today at®.

How to get started:

First make sure you have created your account from®. Then log in to your account from either the app or web.
In the app click on the Activities tab at the bottom of the app. From there you will click Join Activities at the top.  You will then click on the Exercise and choose the Do yoga every week mission.

On the web log into your account and click on the Health & Wellness tab at the top. You will then click on missions then click browse all. Click on the Exercise tab and choose the Do yoga every week mission.