Take Charge of Your Career: Progression Tools & Tips

A new training on tips to pursue your career progression goals is being offered by the Office of Human Resources. The training will be led by Emma Satterfield, the Sr Human Resources Specialist in Compensation & Classification. Attending the training session will provide you with a framework for creating, refining, and achieving your career progression goals using several strategies and resources. If you are new to the University or interested in continued growth, this training is a great opportunity to learn about tools available to kick start your progression goals.

Steps to attend:

1.       Select one of the following training sessions.

2.       Save the corresponding zoom link to your calendar at the designated time.

3.       Follow the zoom link to attend the training on the designated date.

Training Dates:

Wednesday, June 16, 2021
2:30 – 4:00 PM

Wednesday, June 23, 2021
11:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Tuesday, June 29, 2021
2:00 – 3:30 PM

Wednesday, July 14, 2021
11:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Sign-up information to follow

Wednesday, July 21, 2021
1:00 – 2:30 PM

Sign-up information to follow

Thursday, July 29, 2021
2:00 – 3:30 PM

Sign-up information to follow

Lifewise EAP Webinar: Building Healthy and Happy Relationships

As an employee, you are our most important resource, and the University of Missouri System cares about your personal and professional well-being.

The UM System’s Total Rewards, UMKC Human Resources, and Saint Luke’s Health System in Kansas City have come together to provide monthly online Employee Assistance Program seminars to equip you with skills to help you excel and grow in your professional or personal life. On June 15th, 2021, the topic for the EAP Online Seminar Series is Building Happy and Healthy Relationships

Description: Identify the ways to build and maintain healthy relationships with those around you, with a focus on the importance of boundary setting.

You do not need to register in advance to attend Online Seminars at a set time. Seminars will be prerecorded and uploaded on the date above. At any time while viewing the Online Seminar, if you have questions about the seminar, please type them into the “Ask a question” box located to the left of the video window. You will receive an emailed answer within five business days.  

Click Here to access the webinar


To access other recorded seminars, visit the EAP website at: http://lifewiseeap.advantageengagement.com/ Passcode: UMKC.  Open the link and enter the password. This will bring you to the homepage. Scroll down until you see the ‘ONLINE SEMINARS’ and then follow the hyperlink provided. This will take you to a page with all uploaded seminars, select the seminar you would like to review.

May is Mental Health Month!

This past year presented many different challenges and obstacles that tested our strength and resiliency. Now, more than ever, we need to combat the stigma surrounding mental health concerns. That’s why this during Mental Health Month Saint Luke’s LIFEWISE EAP is highlighting #Tools2Thrive – what individuals can do throughout their daily lives to prioritize mental health, build resiliency, and continue to cope and be successful.  They are providing Fast Facts and resources throughout May that we would like to share with you.

Fast Facts about Mental Health

  • One study found that 85% of what we worry about never happens at all, and in the 15% of times where worries came true, 79% of people handled the difficulty better than expected, or learned a valuable lesson from the experience.

Sometimes in life we end up in situations that we just can’t change. Radical acceptance is all about fully accepting your reality in situations that are beyond your control. This doesn’t mean you approve of the situation, are giving up, or that it isn’t painful. You are still allowed to (and should!) feel however you feel, but by accepting that it is what it is, you give the problem less power over you and you can begin to move forward.

Check out the Tips for Accepting Reality fact sheet and Dealing with Worst-Case Scenario worksheet to learn more and begin to develop tools for success.

It’s easy to fall into negative thinking patterns and spend time bullying yourself, dwelling on the past, or worrying about the future. It’s part of how we’re wired – the human brain reacts more intensely to negative events than to positive ones and is more likely to remember insults than praise.

Check out  Getting Out of Thinking Traps tips sheet and Practicing Radical Acceptance worksheet to learn more.

Additional resource:

  • Self care is proven to reduce stress and anxiety levels while increasing self-compassion.

There are always a handful of roles that each of us are juggling. If you are a parent, a student, an employee, a caretaker, someone struggling with a mental health concern, or are just feeling overwhelmed with the responsibilities of day-to-day life, the idea of taking time for yourself may seem unimaginable. Sometimes it can be di­fficult to even take basic care of ourselves – but there are small things that can be done to make self-care and taking time for ourselves a little bit easier.

Knowing when to turn to friends, family, and co-workers when you are struggling with life’s challenges can help improve your mental health.

Check out the Taking Time for Yourself fact sheet and Prioritizing Self-Care worksheet to learn more and begin to develop tools for success.

Below are a few additional tools/resources to support Self-Care:

Daily Wellness Chart

Guided Journal

Additional Articles:


One way to check in with yourself is to take a mental health screen at MHAscreening.org. It’s a quick, free, and private way for someone to assess their mental health and recognize signs of mental health problems. Living a healthy lifestyle and incorporating mental health tools to thrive may not be easy but can be achieved by gradually making small changes and building on those successes.

Seeking professional help when self-help efforts to improve your mental health aren’t working is a sign of strength, not weakness

Remember, You are not alone. Contact the EAP. If you feel yourself experiencing sadness or anxiety for an extended period, ask for professional help. Reach out to Saint Luke’s LIFEWISE Employee Assistance Program (EAP). We are here for you.

Contact Us:

Return to a Vibrant Campus FAQs

1. When do I need to return to the office for work?Employees are being asked to return to in person work by July 6, 2021. Managers should work with employees returning intermittently in June, so everyone is back in the office full-time the week of July 6, 2021.

2. Why was July selected as the time for return to in person work?
A July return date was selected, because most employees and students will have the opportunity to receive COVID-19 Vaccines by this date. Additionally, returning in July will allow us time to fully prepare for the return of students for the Fall Semester.

3. Am I required to receive the COVID-19 Vaccine before I am able to return to work?
We encourage all employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine however we are not requiring employees to do so.

4. Am I required to disclose if I have been vaccinated to my manager or other employees?
No, you do not have to disclose whether or not you have been vaccinated.

5. I know that someone in my department has not received the COVID-19 Vaccine, am I still expected to return to work?
Yes, while all employees may not have received a vaccination you will be expected to return to work.

6. I have a formal accommodation with the Office of Affirmative Action, can I continue to work from home?
If you have a current accommodation through the Office of Affirmative Action due to personal COVID-19 risk factors, you will need to renew the accommodation by submitting this form, also found at https://info.umkc.edu/title9/disability-access/, and choosing “Accommodation Follow-Up.”  As part of the interactive renewal process, your healthcare provider will be required to submit up-to-date documentation to support your request for accommodation using the form found here, on HR Forms webpage (Disability Accommodations Healthcare Provider Form), or provided by the Office of Affirmative Action.  Although we encourage employees to begin the accommodation renewal process as early as possible to ensure all steps are completed in a timely manner, accommodations may be delayed in consideration of the changing status of COVID-19.

7. I do not have a formal accommodation with the Office of Affirmative Action, can I continue working from home?
Employees are being asked to return to in person work on July 6, 2021. If there is a unique situation, you will need to work with your manager. Telework will be determined based on organizational needs and the ability to serve internal and external customers of the University with the same efficiency and effectiveness of being on-site, if operationally feasible and if there is a business need.

8. I do not have a formal accommodation with the Office of Affirmative Action but I am interested in more information about the accommodation request and review process, who do I contact?
If you have a personal health condition or COVID-19 risk factor and would like to speak with Lacie McClellan-Fox, Employee ADA Specialist, about the process for obtaining ADA accommodations, you will need to submit this form, also found at https://info.umkc.edu/title9/disability-access/, and choose “Consultation.” 

9. Can I work a hybrid schedule, some days at home and some days in the office (either on a daily or weekly schedule)?
Employees are being asked to return to work in person full-time on July 6, 2021. Employees will need to work with their manager and a determination will be made as to whether an employee’s job duties are appropriate for a telework arrangement, whether such an arrangement is operationally feasible, and whether there is a business need for a telework arrangement.

10. The summer program or daycare that my children attend is not open this year. Can I delay my return to work until school starts in the fall or until the daycare reopens?
Employees are being asked to return in person work on July 6, 2021. You should work with your manager and Human Resources Business Partner to review your situation and discuss possible arrangements.

11. I care for my parent, if I don’t qualify for an ADA accommodation, what are my options to continue caring for them?
If your request for modified work arrangements is not based on your own risk factor(s) or health condition(s), you should work with your manager and Human Resources Business Partner to review your situation and discuss possible arrangements.

12. Before the pandemic, I worked a flexible schedule from 7am to 4pm. Will I be able to maintain this schedule?
Flexible schedules, including compressed workweeks, can continue to be reviewed and approved by managers based on the needs of the unit using the Telework Arrangement Form.

13. Will I be expected to attend meetings or other campus events in person?
There will be some face-to-face meetings and events however, everyone will be expected to follow current CDC guidelines related to wearing masks and social distancing.

14. How can I be assured that my office meets appropriate COVID-19 CDC safety standards?
Managers will ensure work settings meet office safety expectations and consult with Campus Facilities if workspaces need modifications.

15. What if after returning, someone in my office is diagnosed with COVID-19?
If employees are diagnosed with COVID-19 after returning to the workplace, appropriate actions will take place based on current protocols.

16. What if I notice there is an unsafe situation at work related to COVID-19 protocols?
Discuss any concerns you have regarding safety with your supervisor and they can work with Environmental Health & Safety, Campus Facilities Management, or other university department to address the situation.

17. I have been fully vaccinated, will I be required to wear a mask and social distance on campus?
According to CDC Guidelines (May 13, 2021) social distancing and face coverings are not required for individuals who are fully vaccinated.

18. I moved away from KC during COVID; will I be allowed to continue working for UMKC from my new city/state of residence?
Employees will need to make this request to their manager who will determine whether an employee’s job duties are appropriate for a telework arrangement, whether such an arrangement is operationally feasible, and whether there is a business need for a telework arrangement.

19. My department moved office space during COVID-19 and there isn’t enough space for us to all be there; will I be allowed to continue working from home? Or how will that be determined?
The message regarding a planned return to work date is being sent in advance to provide unit leaders an opportunity to make transition plans and communicate them to you. They will be assessing these situations and making the necessary arrangements.

20. My office has been on a rotating schedule since summer 2020; will we still be rotating, or will we all be there at the same time now?
Employees are being asked to return to in person work by July 6, 2021. The message regarding a planned return to work date is being sent in advance to provide unit leaders an opportunity to make plans and communicate them to you.

21. Will UMKC continue to provide health and safety items?
Campus Facilities Management will continue to supply wipes, disinfectant spray, masks and hand sanitizer to units across campus. Email CFMTeam@umkc.edu to request supplies.

22. Can I ask someone who I am meeting with or who I interact with to wear a mask?
Yes. You can ask them to wear a mask, but the decision to wear a mask is up to the individual. If you are more comfortable, you can wear a mask and continue to distance during the interaction.

New ePerformance Process!

In the past, staff have completed a six-step annual performance appraisal process. To encourage continuous communication and collaboration between manager and employee as well as focus our efforts on employee growth, we will now implement a shorter process that includes three Progress Check-Ins per year. We’re already well into FY21 so, this year, staff and their managers will complete a single, rated Progress Check-In. Your Progress Check-In form is now live in myHR (employees) and PeopleSoft Manager Self-Service (managers). All steps of the process should be completed by no later than July 31.

The performance review calendar now includes three scheduled Progress Check-In discussions throughout the course of the fiscal year. The third check-in will require a manager rating. The fiscal year has been divided into three separate time frames to provide guidance on when the Progress Check-Ins will need to occur. Progress Check-Ins can occur at any point during the current performance time frame to allow flexibility around business needs.

Each check-in will include a self-review and a manager assessment, both completed in ePerformance. Employees and their managers will receive automated prompts when each Progress Check-In period begins as well as reminders regarding each step of the process.

Learn more about this process by accessing the online Building a Performance Culture resource in myLearn, or by attending an instructor led UM System Training. Additionally, we encourage you to review the ePerformance Progress Check-Ins webpage.

Please contact the UM System HR Service Center if you have questions.