HR Facilitators

Human Resources Facilitators (HRFs) are department/unit/division representatives who handle the primary communication and processing of human resource related activity for their respective department. They may also provide oversight and instruction to other unit staff that provide transactional support, such as processing personnel actions and payroll. The HRF provides overall guidance and a wide range of human resource services to managers, supervisors and individual employees in accordance with university and unit policies and practices in support of the goals of the unit.

The HRF is a resource for Human Resources (HR) related information, has experience handling employment and work related matters and will answer questions in these areas, as well as act as a liaison with HR for guidance and support, as necessary.

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Bloch School of ManagementMary MorganMorganMary@umkc.edu2331
Campus Facilities ManagementAndrea DiRaimodiraimoa@umkc.edu1357
College of Arts and SciencesHea-Kyung Shoemakershoemakerh@umkc.edu1683
Conservatory of Music and DanceAlia
Constituent Engagement and External RelationsAlia Krzyzanowskikrzyzanowskia@umkc.edu1622
Finance and AdministrationTom Bachmannbachmannt@umkc.edu5753
Human ResourcesCory Kinderkinderc@umkc.edu5991
Information ServicesKatey Collinsmairsk@umkc.edu1481
Institute for Human DevelopmentChristen Melvincmelvin@umkc.edu6286
Intercollegiate AthleticsJessie Bakerbakerjess@umkc.edu6469
KCURAlia Krzyzanowskikrzyzanowskia@umkc.edu1622
MIDEMousami Mohantymohantym@umkc.edu5677
Office of the ChancellorLeigh Kerwinkerwinl@umkc.edu1664
Office of Diversity & InclusionLeigh Kerwinkerwinl@umkc.edu1664
Office of the ProvostLeigh Kerwinkerwinl@umkc.edu1664
Research ServicesSandy Wilsonwilsonsan@umkc.edu5600
School of Biological and Chemical SciencesDevin Salters devin.salters@umkc.edu1268
School of Computing and EngineeringCamille Johnson-Arnoldjohnsonarnoldc@umkc.edu1261
School of DentistryTom Bachmannbachmannt@umkc.edu5753
School of EducationDevin Salters devin.salters@umkc.edu1268
School of LawHea-Kyung Shoemakershoemakerh@umkc.edu1683
School of MedicineJessie Bakerbakerjess@umkc.edu6469
School of Nursing and Health SciencesMousami Mohantymohantym@umkc.edu5677
School of PharmacyNancy Bahnerbahnern@umkc.edu2429
Strategic Marketing/CommunicationsAlia Krzyzanowskikrzyzanowskia@umkc.edu1622
Student AffairsMousami Mohantymohantym@umkc.edu5677
Toy & Miniature MuseumAlia Krzyzanowskikrzyzanowskia@umkc.edu1622
UMKC FoundationAlia Krzyzanowskikrzyzanowskia@umkc.edu1622
University LibrariesJennifer Eigstieigstij@umkc.edu1533

Human Resources Facilitator Box Site

The HRF Box Site was created to assist HRFs and The Office of Human Resources with disseminating information in a consistent and secure way.

HRFs have access to their department specific files. Historically, this process was operated through SharePoint and was primarily used for document sharing and collaboration related to the tracking of FMLA. However, these collaboration efforts will certainly expand to include additional processes.

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SharePoint Site (Archival)

These sites should only be used for archival purposes as of 12/13/2016.

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