2017 W-2s Now Available in myHR/2018 Tax Update

The 2017 W-2s have been produced in myHR for those who provided consent prior to 1/1/2018. If an employee did not provide consent, paper forms will be mailed to the mailing address on file by 1/31/2018. Access to the electronic W-2 will be available to ALL employees later in February.

Below are a few important reminders related to this year’s form:

  • An official communication from UM System will be sent the week of 1/15/2018
  • For assistance with accessing your current and previous W-2 forms, view the W-2 Quick Reference Guide
  • All employees will need their social security number to access these forms in myHR
  • For KANSAS Residents only – KS residents will notice 2 separate forms when accessing myHR. It is important to PRINT BOTH. The second form includes MO and KC withholding information and employees will need to file taxes in both Missouri and Kansas
  • The IRS extended the timeline for employers to produce Form 1095-C, Employer-Provided Health Insurance Offer and Coverage, from 1/31/2018 to 3/2/2018. If you have already provided consent to receive this form electronically, the form will be available in myHR mid to late February. If you have not provided consent, you will have until 1/31/2018 to do so. For those who do not provide consent, paper forms will be mailed in at the beginning of March. Please view the myHR Benefits Training Guide to learn how to access this information.

Please note, Annual Salary Reports are available on the institutional research webpage per standard operating procedure. Starting with 2016-2017 data, these reports will include base salary and gross wage information.

Public Law 115-97 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 Update:

As many of you are aware, Public Law 115-97 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 was passed on December 22, 2017, which will impact the tax tables for 2018.  The IRS has not produced the official withholding guide, nor the new 2018 W-4 tax form.  The statement provided by the IRS indicates the W-4 forms on file for employees will work with the new withholding tables once they are released. Additional 2018 tax information will be forwarded once it is received:

December 26, 2017

The IRS is working to develop withholding guidance to implement the tax reform bill signed into law on December 22.  We anticipate issuing the initial withholding guidance in January, and employers and payroll service providers will be encouraged to implement the changes in February. The IRS emphasizes this information will be designed to work with the existing Forms W-4 that employees have already filed, and no further action by taxpayers is needed at this time.

Use of the new 2018 withholding guidelines will allow taxpayers to begin seeing the changes in their paychecks as early as February.  In the meantime, employers and payroll service providers should continue to use the existing 2017 withholding tables and systems.

While Human Resources is dedicated to serving each and every employee at UMKC, we are unable to provide tax advice and recommend contacting a certified and competent tax professional with any tax questions, as well as any questions you may have for tax year 2018 since many new changes are quickly approaching.

For any questions regarding the access to your W-2 forms, please contact the HR Service Center at 816-235-1621.